Saturday, July 15, 2017


Somewhat confused, looking for something,
.. lost, on a detour probably, 
You stumbled in my life and I tied you here.
Smiling and pleased, 
I treasured you like the other half of the sphere
between reverie and dreams, beyond time, across distance,
in that sheen on my lips, like that star in my eyes, 
in my soul, my dear.

I wondered if you were ever true, 
yet, with you alone, to the bleakest place,
 I would have gone
To see that lit up face of yours, at times, I ignored the humiliating pain.

I loved the banter, being daft and inane, Neverland it was where to the moon and back was my affection for thou,
And my name with yours...
uttered in the same breath,
to hear that, I would have tied... 
rubies from the Gul-Mohar  boughs

Then, the kind truth dawned, not a revealation; I knew it all along...
You are wind, you are moon, can't be tied, can't be held, in a place for long..

shards of dreams still prick my eyes... singe my heart,
As I weep bitterly with stifled cries  
O wanderer, you won, 
You are free, so am I.
But reverie or dreams, happiness or smile... 
I now have none.

Sunday, July 09, 2017


Anticipation... the best hope, the best joy one can ever have before being hit by ANY reality.
Anticipation is the celebration of that feeling that our hearts still have desires..That we still have a bucket full of  wishes left, which can cause butterflies to flutter mad in our tummies and goosebumps to convert our translucent smooth skin into a spiked up surface of that rougned up rogue moon! To get these jitters, this feeling just by a mere thinking about our wish list, our desires, our hopes and the future is wonderful!

Buddha says not to give in to desires, not to have them in the first place but, my understanding or may be, my alleged denial syndrome to deny things which I don't like, make me understand him this way that he never asked to tame them either.
He meant to conquer them.
To have them but not to be a slave to them. Just like the Hindu scriptures-त्याग सहित भोग। To savour without getting attached, to relish and appreciate while staying free!

Similar freedom I experience with this word anticipation.

Anticipate that family  trip, that one meeting, that one date, that one excrusion, that perfect lecture... Don't expect or invest precious life energies thinking about the outcome.
Enjoy the preparations, the journey, even the wait.

Krishna says, " karmne vadhikaraste ma faleshu kadachana"
To perform the karma with utmost sincerety and perfection and, not to worry over the result!

Gospel says, "In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade."  (1 Peter 1:3b-6)

To me somehow everything boils down to the same that is, not to expect but enjoy that tingling of anticipation with a bated breath, and excited fervour but yet an unbelievably calm mind. To understand that Life is not what we are planning , trying and expecting it to be but , it is what is happening right then when we are busy planning it out!  Remember those times when you were packing bags for a short two day trip  brimming with that joyful anticipation of what's in store? Or those bridal tears and bridal laughter infected with nervous anticipation for the new life!
Life happens and we are bound to relish every experience if we alter out perspective just like we adjust the mirror to avoid or let in the sun in the kaleidoscope as per our whim.

There's is nothing which is bad, just different. Anticipate for the best... It's dreamily real.

Image : sunshineblueclouds

खाली मन


                                                                  रुपहले चाँद से झूठा,
                                                                  जेठ की धूप से तपता
                                                                  तेरा आना तेरा जाना

                                                                  करौंदे सी हरी खट्टी,
                                                                  कसैले नीम से कड़वी
                                                                  तेरी बातें तेरी चुप्पी

                                                                  फसल से लहलहा बढ़ते 
                                                                  सुनहले धान से जगमग
                                                                  तेरे किस्से तेरे वादे

                                                                 कड़कती ठंड से चुभते,
                                                                  बर्फ़ के फाहे जैसे सर्द...
                                                                  तेरे ताने तेरे शिक़वे

                                                                 समंदर से बड़ी खाई,
                                                                 पहाड़ों जैसी संगदिल सख़्त
                                                                 तेरी वो ज़िद, वो खुदगर्ज़ी

                                                                 और, राह के फूल सा तनहा
                                                                 कुम्हलाए से, दिन गिनते
                                                                 ये खाली मन, भरे नैना

Image : From my sketch-book

चुप्पी - silence                                                                                                                      बर्फ़ के फाहे - snowflakes                                                         ताने- gibes                                                                                                                            संगदिल - stone hearted
राह के फूल- roadside wildflower                                                                                     तनहा- lonely
कुम्हलाए-  withered and downcast                                                                                   खाली मन- bleak heart 

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Yearning : Haiku

                                                                                  necks arched, poised for flight
                                                                                     with wings of white marble yet
                                                                                     the soul is free... light

                                                                                    perched atop high walls
                                                                                    ready to soar in blue skies
                                                                                    yearns heart caged in stone

 Pic credits : sunshine n blueclouds

Friday, March 03, 2017

The song of Land

Top Post on IndiBlogger                                                                                             

                                                                              Look at these bunches of cassia flowers
                                                                     blooming fresh in May rain showers
                                                                     These dangling, emerald pods of peas 
                                                                     scaling walls right up to the eaves

                                                                     Pumpkins ripening to amber hues
                                                                     chilly pods burn red with untold rues
                                                                      Bottle gourd blooms of diaphanous white
                                                                      swaying in wind like fairies bright  

                                                                     In these mundane scenes I feel rejoiced 
                                                                     for which I toil in sun by choice
                                                                     When berries swell, earth kisses my hands 
                                                                      I hum with the green the song of land.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Fall Love : Haiku



                                                                                       dry leaves fall 
                                                                                       fall like falling in love
                                                                                       last embrace 

                                                                                      bold colours
                                                                                      land lit by autumn
                                                                                      love's embers 

Image credit: Here 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Autumn : Haiku

                                                                                 rich in quietus
                                                                                 a carpet of russet golds                                                                       
                                                                                 glow of endless love 


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sound :Haiku

                       springing lucent drops
                       symphony of waterfall
                       pearls of her laughter 

                       pearly water drops
                       a cascade of silver chimes
                       vale listens in bliss


The above haiku are in response to Kristjann's prompt about the birthplace of Buson which is surrounded by waterfalls. 
"Yosa Buson was born in Kema Settsu Province, nowadays known as Kema-cho, Miyakojima Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture. Buson's original family name was Taniguchi. Nature around his birth-place is gorgeous and I think it was a rich source of inspiration for him"

with CarpeDiem#1160, BirthPlace of Yosa Buson
Image : CarpeDiem

Break : Haiku

                                                                      the crimson dawn breaks
                                                                      river blushes glows under
                                                                      sunshine and blue clouds

Haiku is a Japanese verse of 17 syllables or morae which are represented as 5-7-5 .While writing in English, these syllables are presented in 3 lines unlike the original Japanese vertical line presentation.The main theme of haiku is nature represented by the juxtaposition of ideas. Using the 'cutting word' kireji and a 'season word' or kigo, is optional in modern haiku.

This haiku is a double entendre which as the name suggests is open to two interpretations of which, the one is usually risqué. 

Image credit: Here
with HaikuHorizons

Break Free : Haibun

The best things in life are free with  free meaning- of no cost. Also freedom, being carefree, unbridled, free spirited and unchained.
Nature bestows free yet priceless gifts, which are strewn around if only one choose to look. Nature nudges the subconscious mind to feel and grasp the free, spontaneous flow of life... ebbing and surging, frozen at times but never still. Changing course, changing sound; in cadence and anacrusis but, lilting and gushing. Daily. Always. 
Indeed, the best things in life are free.

        frozen river breaks
        with first rays of golden sun 
        a vibrant new song 

Haibun is a prosimetrum including a haiku and a prose paragraph as its basic building unit. Both components are juxtaposed to contrast or compliment the imagery, idea or the emotion. The prefatory component generally having the expository qualities and the concluding one is ascribed with the climactic ones. 

with HaibunMonday and HaikuHorizons
Image credits: Here 

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