A thought about Brother ki Dulhan ka DULHA !

Ideal Dulhan?
It's strange that with a mountain- out-of-a-molehill media and the always online gen Xand Y youths, who never let go any tit-bit or garbage of an event without cheer-phad, how this song 'matrimonial si aankhen' from Mere brother ki dulhan , passed without ANY comment, argument and counter argument? Strange .

Arre, even the ever combative, contrarian, and  contentious  Shobha De  allowed it to go by swiftly without a single line! 
That it failed to ignite her pen altogether!And thus, the responsibility falls on my fragile shoulders. 

It's a peppy number and I like it  but it's the lyrics which pricked my ears.The lyricist Irshaad Kamil is a  blessed writer (Do check his other songs HERE) who strikes a cord with the soulful and the restless alike and this one is in complete sync with the movie situation.
But just take a look at the standards set by Imraan Khan's character for poor ladies in this solo. Here 

  Beautifully gori  and  chandi si fair girls are always in demand but now you also want them to be SUSHEELA! Come onn ..
 It's a manufacturer's defect. 
If you try infusing both the elements in a single genX piece, it's going to fail the SQP standard quality procedure. Susheela is soo bai like. ugh!

And then in this male-female-e-mail age, you guys are further asking for heaps of degrees to be balanced on pencil heels? 
And For Whom ? give the answer Men .. For Whom The Bells are Going to be Tolled? (forgive my twisting a classic ) .. for an illiterate seth with a paunch covered in Versace's ? Ewww...... not anymore. 
And lets consider for a moment that if it happens then you are actually asking this duniyadaar girl to be like Seeta??? Oh God! You made me put Three question marks and exclamation signs in this post as if I'll be getting points for using these. But kya karun ? I am bewildered ! :/

O Crazy Men....arre, had Seeta behaved in a more samajhdaar and duniyadaar way and asked for  agnipariksha  for both the partners living apart,  then the history of  Indian women would have been different...
Alas, it didn't happen and  now it's up to us, the gen X gals to be the deadly combination of Seeta (read mute patience) and Geeta (read hunterwali).

The search  for a perfect bride for BHAISAHAB  didn't end here. They also want her to be relation samajhne wali read meek,
 a google of love (read able to handle hubby's past, present and future relations with ease and minus drama)
faster then 3G (read so quick that the work is done sans tension, with smiles and a glowing makeup) 
ego less, sweet and heart gladdening like a
 prayer ( means each and every  family wallah is  happy right from the kaam wali bai to chacheri,mameri tai and parjai)
    responsible and fun loving (read round the      clock working ability with small breaks            for er....sweet nothings .. other things)  
like a kingfisher model but  carved out of Indian mitti ( read Jessica Simpson meet Meenakumari)
Dil se ho Dilli, dhadkan se ho London with shokh ada (read whatever u want to , I am fed up :/ )

But you know the icing of the cake ? It's that she should bring Good Luck And Only good luck Always .......Whew. 
That Irked me Alright.

Alisha Chinoi seems so naive and stupid in front of Imraan khan's wish list; Poor girl  asking only a Dil chaiye bas Made in India..

Now will people responsible for this Beautiful song please stand up and take the accolades for the song and brickbats for not composing one for what women want!
Other wise from where do they think they are going to provide a groom able to handle this lethal combination of a girl? It's like that excited student rushing to the professor saying , "Sir, I have invented a chemical which can melt, burn evaporate anything ..anything !!" 
The calm Professor asked with full composure, " Son, where have you kept that chemical in ?'

 If this girl will marry at all then he'll DIE (for sure) of inferiority complex or it must also be one of her abilities to not let the poor hubby feel incapable in anyway.

Over all, it's a hit song.  I really liked it. 
And in case you people are seriously toying with coming up with a girl version, then don't bother sillies!
We are sorted out enough. For us , it's as easy as a game of cards.
All we ever want is Diamonds, Heart, Spade and Clubs forever and in that order !
I rest my case. 

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