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A thought about Brother ki Dulhan ka DULHA !

It's strange that with a mountain- out-of-a-molehill media and the always online gen Xand Y youths, who never let go any tit-bit or garbage of an event without cheer-phad, how this song 'matrimonial si aankhen' from Mere brother ki dulhan , passed without ANY comment, argument and counter argument? Strange .

Arre, even the ever combative, contrarian, and  contentious  Shobha De  allowed it to go by swiftly without a single line! 
That it failed to ignite her pen altogether!And thus, the responsibility falls on my fragile shoulders. 

It's a peppy number and I like it  but it's the lyrics which pricked my ears.The lyricist Irshaad Kamil is a  blessed writer (Do check his other songsHERE) who strikes a cord with the soulful and the restless alike and this one is in complete sync with the movie situation.
But just take a look atthe standards set by Imraan Khan's character for poor ladies in this solo. Here 

  Beautifully gori  and  chandi si fair girls are always in dem…