When I look back, I am surprised to see some verses penned by me on a particular day of March 2003. Don't remember anything special about that time.I must be feeling real creative to do so. 

Now I am not writing much is may be as I am too ! Well,being satisfied is one of the toughest thing on planet earth as u can be happy, even joyful but to be satisfied is to be in a state of calm almost perpetually .
Upto a certain extent, contentment also means inaction. 
Contentment is an elusive state of mind but I am happy to realise that most of my life,as a kid, teenager and later as a young adult (2 stages when  people are most dissatisfied ) I was completely at ease with myself and my surroundings.Not only at ease but quite pleased  with myself and my surroundings :)  Though it seems myopic was perhaps , due to my upbringing ,done by my mother single handedly and very effectively. What ever (if there is) goodness I possess is all because of her and her simple, homely, warm and intellectual ways due to which I had such a sunny, warm,affectionate ,simple and secure  life that I never lacked anything. 
Tons of books, mugs of milk,munching on carrots,radish,guavas and sugarcanes in bright winter afternoons, sipping ice cold emerald mango panna, golden jaljeera, bel ka sharbat and thandai inj summers .... lots of sunshine, cool breeze, monsoon rains, cloudy sky,moonlit nights, chirping of birds on our backyard guava trees, ripe red and pink  fruits on the karonda shrub, different shades of  falling leaves in Autumn......that was what my life was made up of.
These were the things which kept my mind busy and my heart filled with gratitude for every thing that God has created and it helped me immensely in being secure when i moved out from the comforting  home.It gave me a rooted personality and a great sense of self esteeem which only comes when u know that u are immensely loved and cared for and I was  swayed by nothing .
For all the golden and innocent times of my life there is this poem which i wrote back then  keeping in mind that some day I will miss these days.

A tender ,small,forgotten moment
Sent from somewhere to my soul
It smiled,it laughed,enchanting me
And sacred ,delicate past unfolds..

Vivid images came rushing in
pearly thoughts in threads of gold
Long lost feelings stirred again
Old tales fluttered to be retold

As evening dawned in hushing tones
And night sky dazzled bright with stars
Sitting on the winds of wings
My heart sails away way far

When swiftly breaks the crimson dusk
And ushers a fresh new day so warm
Glittering golden scenes of yore
Shine up and smiles with same old charm

Little nothings flood my mind
Unseen fairies from bygone days
Love songs,ballads...gone with the wind
Keep rushing back in new found ways

I knew that memories never fade
And feelings dear! never ever die
A bell is chimed, a line is hummed;
And lo! these soar blue skies..

Memories are such wonderful boons
 lingering  so sweetly in our hearts
Their fragrance never leaves us ever
Love n wisdom these impart

These truly are blessings from above
Sprinkled brightly in our lives
bringing joy and sorrow both
woven  together in life's twine

It Gladdens the heart and soaks the soul
 with love and warmth,affection,care
in dark moments it help us find
An inner strength,a brand new dare

These are truly to be cherished
to be remembered, retold, again relived
So that young  plants may  know how trees
 have taken storms in their stride.

And how their humble branches curved
As God bestowed them with happy spring
To learn and pass this on and on
is a joy which only memories bring.

                                                                  March 2003.

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