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Sketches of my life

A Page from my Diary

Like most of the young girls I loved to paint , sketch, colour,draw .....and  do every thing related to what we call as ART. Never trained formally I took fancy to it as a subject but my sketching was limited to drawings and shadings of T.S. Lungs : Frog or the Floral diagrams of Cucurbitacae,Malvacae and Rosacae.
Being a biology student had its own share of being able to draw. Though I was deeply interested in sketching I was not the best sketcher for all those T.S. and L.S. of cockroaches, mice and frogs.

Neha Dhiman was the best in bio. diagrams . Her fowl's bones diagrams looked as if they were snaps !
 For me no solace was their in Art section also as whenever I peeped in the art files I find ridiculous designs of lamps , tea glasses ,floral creepers and climbers looking completely lifeless and particularly ugly. They were called 'Aayat mein alpana','Saree ki kinari' , 'tribhujmein pushplata' etc. It  repulsed me …

The Seven Dials Mystery : Review

In one word but in more than one ways, its Hilarious!

 Christie is a favourite .Yes,now and then certain books of her did not go that well with me but still, each one I have read till date is better than one of the so-callled bestsellers.

Now, not to go astray, The Seven Dials Mystery is loaded with humour in trademark Agatha Christie Ishtyle. It provides due dose of thrilling moments ,doubts on every character, a plot brimming with foreign spies,shady deals ,secret societies,two murders and was at places rib-ticklingly funny. 
Never were murders a thing or event so gay and light hearted and never were these set in such a sunny and jolly English Society.

If you forget the murder , its a party! And to think that this jolly way of writing and presenting was of years back is remarkable !!

Murder of  a vivacious young man  takes place at Lord Caterham's majestically enormous p(a)lace which he'd rented to Sir and Lady Coote. All the other vivacious friends are aghast …

The Garden of Good Books and my Angels

I don't remember exactly how young I was when I started reading no eating , drinking and sleeping BOOKS. Though it must be after  I was two and half years old at least!

 The first or the oldest memory is me crouching on the bed and reading a book in torchlight (though it was broad daylight) under the quilt covers. The theatrics was conducted to get an adventurous feel of reading inside a cave and to avoid listening to the shrill whistle of cooker in which my mother was preparing (probably) sarson methi saag (yucky) for me and Papa .This whole cooking smell and routine homely noise used to spoil 'the' atmosphere, the aura of treasures and adventures ,fairies and gnomes ,plump Russian characters like 'mitushka' and others playing in snow surrounded by tall fir ,poplar and birch trees.....That's why that quilt was SO dearly necessary as
I was simply not ready to come back to the real Indian soil of daal-roti -saag and mangoes.This memory is when I was five and was …