The Seven Dials Mystery : Review

In one word but in more than one ways, its Hilarious!

 Christie is a favourite .Yes,now and then certain books of her did not go that well with me but still, each one I have read till date is better than one of the so-callled bestsellers.

Now, not to go astray, The Seven Dials Mystery is loaded with humour in trademark Agatha Christie Ishtyle. It provides due dose of thrilling moments ,doubts on every character, a plot brimming with foreign spies,shady deals ,secret societies,two murders and was at places rib-ticklingly funny. 
Never were murders a thing or event so gay and light hearted and never were these set in such a sunny and jolly English Society.

If you forget the murder , its a party! And to think that this jolly way of writing and presenting was of years back is remarkable !!

South face of Abney Hall, looking north (Cheadle, Manchester - 20 May 2007).jpg
Christie's fictitious place of 
 Lord Caterham is Abney Hall
Murder of  a vivacious young man  takes place at Lord Caterham's majestically enormous p(a)lace which he'd rented to Sir and Lady Coote. All the other vivacious friends are aghast and break the sad news to his not-so-vivacious half sister. Sir Coote leaves the place to go house hunting for some other famous spots. Lord Caterham's brilliant  hyperactive and sweet and vivacious daughter Bundle finds some clues in form of half finished letters. Along with one of the remaining vivacious friend and the npt-so-vivacious half sister, she/they decide/s to catch the culprit by herself/themselves. Second murder occurs of another vivacious young friend of the deceased vivacious one.

 Bulky Inspector Battle, battles hard of his suspicions of  'Steam Roller- turned- into- human -Sir Coote' . A highly intelligent secretary sort of Rupert Batement aka Pongo and a bumbling Bill Eversleigh try to help further complicating the matters .The climax is  umm. Part  of it predictable while the other half regarding Battle's identity, is surprising so, nice. A Mayhem.

My Take 
I don't like secret societies so, was groaning past first few pages, when the story unfolded itself as a secret/spies sort but thankfully it turned out full of suspense and aristocratic hilarity.
Many light moments were provided on the bulky shoulders of inspector Battle, responsible shoulders of Lord Caterham  and stupid ones of Bill Eversleigh and Jimmy Thesiger.

The heroine, Lady  Brent aka Bundle is strong, spunky and adventurous quite like Tuppence. At some places she is the sweet and cultivated true blue lady and at times she had this 'following my heart damn to the ladyship' attitude. I liked her for her spunk and pep. You will certainly fell for her charms of wit and restlessness. I specially like her driving abilities!

The heroe/s ( if there ever wa/weres in this novel) are like silly college boys and the villains even  sillier. Miraculously, the book still satiate your thrill and suspense quota .The sly sense of humour of Madam Christie is marvellous .The way she treated Jimmy boy, Lord Catreham and the butler Alfred I tell you, she deliberately made them the butt of fun.I MUST say a shrewd observer she was.
And yes, not to forget the lines she gave to Lord Caterham. 

  She has taunted the incapability of the young boys born into 'riches and connections'   having nothing else but luck on their side. I am not sure how, but this novel reminds me some characters from movie  'Ayesha' the Indian version of Jane Austen's  'Emma'.
 Most of the youngsters here are named as Bundle, Socks, Pongo Wow!... and are apparently investigating murders ... More WOW!!

But not even for once, the autheress missed a beat on suspense or the ever-lurking danger. All in all, its a 'whodunnit' written in tongue -in-cheek style.

Dangerously Hilarious! A Page Turner .

Genre  : Mystery Thriller
Rating  : 4/5

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