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A page from my Diary.....S.D.A. Mission School,Hapur

Translated from hindi, 20th Sept. 1998:
It all started on a pleasant spring afternoon when on seeing the black monsoon clouds  stealthily engulfing the blueness of our small town  sky, a cuckoo sitting on an  electric pole outside our home started piping .
On hearing its kuhu-kuhu, my name(meaning the  cuckoo) came to my mind ,then, something related to it, then some other thought , some other thing.......... and fastened by this thread of memory I was towed towards that lane which turned to my school.
My school, where a whole community of birds, from cuckoos to crows and ravens, from pigeons to parrots and doves used to coo and caw ,trill and twitter and sing and chatter !! These  sweet (?) sounds were made  in front of our class only and that too in perfect symphony with  different teachers' different voice modulations.

some times I  used to wonder if they (the birds )simply know  which teacher was due in which  period  and so the pancham sur wali koel  would hurriedly exchange plac…

Craft and Projects : Kids Projects

Yesterday I completed my son's project on 'underground water : A 3D model' . And for it, by the grace of God , all material was present at home.In no time all the required material was assembled and now the  cutting,gluing,colouring,drawing,pasting...i.e.the fun part. Anindy also  helped .He  cried ,he panted and puffed his anger at things such as  'it will never be on time' ,Other being 'it is not loooking good enough' And another  that' I'm not able to do much' !

All these tantrums ...that too after HE forgot all about the project while his school was shut for 2 days and remembering only at 8:30 pm when I was sleepy...So, Thanks to him and his carelessness, i hit the bed only when it was 11:45 !

 But one help he definitely did. he was wide awake with me and along with whining he was giving valueable to use MY  stuff...
I used an old plastic sugar jar for the well which made him mad as it was stinky! So first he rinsed it thourou…