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Yesterday I completed my son's project on 'underground water : A 3D model' . And for it, by the grace of God , all material was present at home.In no time all the required material was assembled and now the  cutting,gluing,colouring,drawing,pasting...i.e.the fun part. Anindy also  helped .He  cried ,he panted and puffed his anger at things such as  'it will never be on time' ,Other being 'it is not loooking good enough' And another  that' I'm not able to do much' !

All these tantrums ...that too after HE forgot all about the project while his school was shut for 2 days and remembering only at 8:30 pm when I was sleepy...So, Thanks to him and his carelessness, i hit the bed only when it was 11:45 !

 But one help he definitely did. he was wide awake with me and along with whining he was giving valueable to use MY  stuff...
I used an old plastic sugar jar for the well which made him mad as it was stinky! So first he rinsed it thouroughly with  FACEWASH (mine)  , then instead of using a dishcloth ,dried it with my apron (again mine!)  It was odd how his creative ideas were concentrating around MY stuff  only (though he begged from his sister's toys one BEAUTIFUL pink and blue tiniest  toy bucket but for me he was not asking for anything leave the begging part..he was simply ordering.So he Did some help.The final draft looked like this...

The well with the bucket
This  is not the only one.Like all mothers,I like helping ,sometimes doing projects for both of my kids. Some other DIY projects we did are ...


A quilled christmas card

A story book made from table calendar..

A tooth made from chart paper and load of newspaper and glue

A drawing for the environmental hazards
With Anindy looking sleepy from the task!

A Christmas tree
 made from shiny suff (JHAALAR) borrowed from neighbour's daughter's wedding gift!
This is a JHAALAR which people in North India use to decorate the fruit baskets for their in-laws

A drawing for 'save earth'

A drawing of amusement park uplifted from 'Cubbon Park' theme and hand cutouts of all family memebers with their one characterstic written on these.

Painting and colouring on pebbles

A King on one pebble, A doll on the other while a smiley done by Ani on third.

A mango defined by Toor Daal, A Pyramid of buttons and different types of shapes for my Nursery going daughter's Holiday Homework

Collage of a bird and a House done by magazine pages

Cutouts of animals and cartoon characters for Pihu and Educational Cards Of different colours for Anindy

carrot and cylinder for red colour day for Anindy in L.K.G

The dear old Natraj Pencil and a bowl

Turnip and soap dish

A calendar page with pihu's pic on it

                                                                      Happy  Kids Projects
                                                                                                Because these days will never return


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  1. Loved them all, few are nostalgic like Natraj pencil, mango with toor daal wow.
    I also love pebble painting :-) , those hand cutouts hmm,
    make one wish story book for me too plz Kokila :-D
    Hugs & cheers to art !


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