A Conspiracy in Paper

Yesterday  I finished  reading 'A Conspiracy in Paper' by David Liss.
Its a delightful read having its moments of suspense,thrill, intrigue and reflection along with murder, a search for identity and friendship.. all woven into an intricate pattern of money lending,betting and transactions.... ultimately shaping as the Stock Market of today. 
It deals with stock fraud ,the diplomatic oily fiends,rogues and the birth of stock market in an entertaining and engaging way. 
The book was un-put-able for me and some times I reread the previous pages before  turning to the next pages!

Appealing ...
 I personally liked it more because of the dilemma and conflict faced by the protagonist 'Weaver' because of his being a Jew living in an English nation and society. His reflections regarding the matter are genuine , touching and worth pondering upon.

The book because  is informative about the first stock market crash in England and about the south sea company bubble.The protagonist Benjamin weaver is so like me in his understanding (or not understanding at all) of paper currency and stocks that I equally struggled with him to get the point.

The character was based on a real life person Daniel Mendoza, a Portuguese Jew who earned fame and society's respect as a pugilist in the boxing ring in a time when foreign born Jews were forbidden from owning property  in England and many indirect taxes were exercised upon them.

Well from the romantic angle I was angry with the beautiful, intelligent and stubborn Miriam for not choosing Benjamin and this made me sad ..not for Miriam but for Mr.Weaver!
   If u like detective novels with historical background then this is it as it is as much real as it can get i.e.the hero saves his skin more by the stroke of good luck then by kicks and twists.

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