In the name of Development..

It is a blessing indeeed to live in this city!
How happy I was to come and live in Bangalore-the garden city, city with a green umbrella.
How fortunate I was to experience  at least SOME of the citys' beauty and weather and now
How unlucky I am to witness the drastic change in weather within 5 years!
The heat, dust and ACUTE water scarcity...its leaving the city dry and eyes moist.

Is this the way I have to witness ruin of each and every beautiful Indian city. The pride of India  is going to worms but then who cares ? In a country where cheapest thing is  life of a citizen, where around 20% population is not even listed as citizens and about the listed ones also nobody gives a damn? 

Where if a girl dies due to inhumane barbaric treatment then the general judgement is why she ventured out in the night in first place?Oh! yes, she should have known that Indians are a barbaric breed.Then the general chorus is she should better die as there's nothing left for her to do even if she'll survive??
 In such type of attitude towards humans what chance the poor birds,butterflies ,animals. silent plants  and old crumbling city walls stand?
A gone case!

I've lived in Dehradun- a very beautiful and picturesque place to live but sadly the beauty is vastly declining. The Government has ripped Doon naked of its beauty and glory. Its umbrella of tall, huge, moss covered green trees and rippling brooks nestled here and there like jewels dripping from a casket of green satin , all are gone.

By the time I left Doon it was no more Rusty's Dehra where he planted his trees or my childhood's Doon where while living in its small hamlet Vikasnagar I use to open and shut my eyes by seeing blue mountains and a serpentine path disappearing into forest green or the rustle of leaves in the backyard and front yard and the gushing of crystal clear water behind my house was the lullaby and the first morning sound l for me.No. All is gone. Only bricks and ugly cemented walls are everywhere blocking whatever is still left.

It's no more the pavitra devstanam it used to be but the capital of Uttarakhand with as many eyesores of concrete blocks as only Indian Government has the heart to produce.

Picture borrowed with thanks from CHURMURI wordpress.
Similarly in Bangalore also the government has introduced Namma Metro and other such construction related works .I am not against metro but to destroy each and every thing that comes in it route is weird.

Every third person in Bangalore is related to property dealing in one way or other. Mushrooming is too incompetent a word to describe the speed of aimless and VERY -VERY ugly construction of buildings in this once lovely and beautiful garden and lake city.Its ruining and I am watching silently. The Begur Lake behind my house is rapidly drying and I don't know what to do?
Vidhaan Soudha : Borrowed with thanks  from Churmuri blog wordpress

The 1100 years old Shiva Temple is being surrounded by newer buildings in the name of religious development instead of giving a green cover and I am silent...bleeding inwardly ,its hard to even see in that direction where once me and my kids enjoyed so many sightings of ducks and white cranes in the begur lake with Nagnatheshwar temple as the background

Everybody is complaining about the rising temperature in Bangalore but the authorities are allowing each and every piece of land to be grabbed by builders and IT or some other companies .It is almost New Delhi now. And the lakes many have already dried up and even colonies have been constructed over them and now its our lakes' turn to be mummified and later glorified  probably as  'Begur Lake Apartments'.

I have heard 'Money attracts Money' but I am experiencing  'Money attracts Vices'.

With the influx of IT sector in Bangalore instead of being truly developed in a balanced way the city has been deteriorated to a mere industrial area with humans panting and puffing in smoke and smog of vehicles , ACUTE water Problem and high cost of living.
I personally feel that corruption starts from the top and its incurable when it reaches to the lowest rung of the ladder.Corruption has started to seep in lower rungs of society i.e. like their northern counterparts, people here have also started  doing milawat in food items ! The worst kind of crime.

Schools have started to take  insane amount of fee not only at the time of admission but every year. Another pathetic  condition for FUTURE INDIANS and  a dishonest and disgraceful ,shameful practise by FELLOW Indians.

All types of heinous crimes have increased making the city less safe by every passing week(in Delhi its by every passing minute!!) and though all this seems irrelevant to the loss of green and open spaces in the city it IS relevant !!!

Influx of more and more educated people for high paying jobs is increasing the spending -capacity of a normal  employee (specially bachelors and young professionals)
For the living purpose or mostly from investment point of view, these ppl buys property igniting more constructions of living space as well as professional space and commercial places like malls etc.

this results in bribery to convert agriculture land in colleges , malls , firms and fun parks, in turn resulting in deforestation and pollution.

For all this construction aka development, labour  comes from all over India , including a majority of uneducated, poor people who lose themselves in all the Razz-m-tazz  of the city  and conflicts are born.

It doesn't mean that nobody should move anywhere but there should be limit and check for the moving -in and moving-out of permanent residents.A certain number of industries should be allowed to open depending upon the size of the state or city and its natural resources.
Its a classic case of less resources and more mouths to feed resulting in serious conflicts and clashes of all types.

It seems that the time for precaution has long been gone, if only some remedial measures we can take like restoring greenery, water bodies and a check on buying of vehicles and site construction..perhaps ,may be this city at least can be saved..unlike dehradoon, Haridwar  and Mussoorie....

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