The ancient temple of Lord Shiva

There are many famous temples in Bangalore like the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple , ISKON  and many more. A not so famous yet one of the oldest temple of Lord Shiva is the NaagNatheshwara Temple located in Begur area of Bangalore. It is interesting not only from religious point of view but has a  history dating back at the time of Cholas. Indeed a must visit for  a travel buff or history lover.
 Begur is actually a small village which has turned into a small town in itself as DLF apartments and other constructions are booming at rocket speed. The area  boasts  of an old  church, ruins of a fort , Begur Lake and 1100 years old the NaagNatheshwara Temple on it's soil !

The NaagNatheshwara  temple is a calm and beautiful place  with the Begur lake as its background .It is the temple of Lord Shiva and has five lingams pratishthit in it .As I'm not fluent in reading  kannada script, the  three names I was able to decipher are- Vighneshwara, Naag Natheshwara , Choudeshawara and The Shiva-Shakti lingam .

The two domes of the Temple
All Shivalingams are worshipped by the devotees for differerent reasons like for Shiva-Shakti lingam, offerings are given for marital bliss, for another to cure from illness, one is worshipped for monetary reasons while the other for promotions and job related issues.

Etchings on stones

Being a Shive Temple it has a blooming Bilva  tree also.
 The temple in itself is beautiful made up of huge and heavy slabs of  black stone which the priest told as to be granite though with years and years of offering oil and fumes it has attained an uneven oily rocky look and  has gained that old world charm and mystique which is so hard to find in the spotless white marble temples of modern age.

Bilva Tree in the Temple compound
The Nandi bull

The new gate


Well in the temple compound
Inside the temple the lingams are separately put and  five separate small low-roofed rooms are there to reach there. After entering these rooms another smaller and narrower room is there in which entry is forbidden. these passage like room has a cage like  door on the other side.This door finally opens into the sanctum scrotum of the temple as the huge shiva-lingam is placed there inside it.Behind and above the lingam, on the back wall, an oil deepam   has been lit. The deepak is situated in the centre of a round mirrored object thus reflecting the flame and  illuminating the  lingam .

The view
All five lingams are placed in the same above said pattern and devotees can offer their prayers from the passage like mid room from where the big black lingams shine mysteriously under the mirrored  light of lamp!
 The outside of the temple is charming with a well and a small garden full of shrubs .A new temple gate sort of construction is also going on complete with white and grey elephants and mush intricate patterns on the towers. The old temple has patterns of ganas and yakshinis etc on its walls , roof and even steps! The annual  Ratha Yatra is held in the month of April on a grand scale for which the temple has scores of statues of horses , wood chariots and a   dashmukhi Ravan!
Beautifully etched  doors
The nandi sitting majestically carved in black is a sight to behold. I saw people whispering some thing in its ears and looking through its horns towards the lingam and tried the same but got  hurt in the head by the strong nandi bull instead. Guess I'v yet not learnt my lessons of religion well enough!
Carved Steps!

The route to the temple is simple enough for anybody coming from Majestic bus stand or Shivajinagar as the bus route no.342, 343 starts from the bus stand itself and will drop you right on the gates of the temple!
If coming by own vehicle then from silkboard go straight on hosur road till bommanahalli junction. Turn inside the Begur road and keep on going straight for about 4km. You will cross three petrol bunks , Chowdeshwari Temple on the way and near the Govt. Hospital you have to turn right (coming from bommanahalli) and  will find yourself at the temple gates!

So pay a visit to Devon ke Dev Mahadev - Lord Shiva.

P.S. Plz ignore my bad layout of pics and text .

Horse statue for Ratha Yatra


  1. looks like a great place for some weekend photography. The place looks deserted though.

    1. Its safe as its in the middle of a buzzing Begur but the temple opens only in the mornings and evenings .though one can found few kids playing cricket at the near by ground. Its good for religious and historical purpose and not as a place to laze around as it does not offer a well kept garden/place to sit or lie down. A shady Bilva tree is thereto sit under forr a cup of coffee . See for yourself :)

  2. Very nice place to travel with friends for exploring.From distance between Bangalore airport check:


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