A Cinderella Story : Review

A story of Cinderella with cell phones and Mercedes for tinkle bells and Pumpkin chariots and the scrubbing of floors of  daddy's diner for the cindered grate!

 The movie is as uninspired as its Cinderella is ...just the way she was ages before- helpless, pitiable and sweet,simply waiting to be saved! 

And this time  she is saved/liberated by the no-nonsense Fairy Godmother Rhonda  who invokes the magical qualities of self-respect and mental independence in her. Great job done by Regina King as Rhonda .

The wicked step mom Jennifer Coolidge and the dumb n jealous sisters are well played , same is true for characters of Carter and Shelby, but lack of layers in characters puts a damp on almost everything.They ended up looking like caricatures of themselves.
It is plain and uni layered and can be  be told in six lines flat.
The only saving grace is the Prince charming who IS charming,looks genuinely confused and disinterested amidst the fleshy..er.. flashy riches. 

His is the only part written while keeping human goodness and weaknesses in  mind and is portrayed by Chad  M. Murray  as perfectly with all the nuances of hesitation, loneliness and search for true love  as the script permitted him to do.
Overall watchable.
(At least For Mr. Murray )

I liked him in Freaky Friday as well.But then Freaky Friday was SOMETHING !

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