Before watching ''BRAVE' I have to brave so many ads regarding the movie on Star Movies, declaring it as a rising of a princess against her destiny .. . that I was really curious on watching it... and as expected ..... it was full of exciting, twisting , turning, bouncing, billowing, galloping ,fierce, shining AND blazing Hair !!
That's ALL !  :(

Well, to make this small n  Honest review into a large and honest review ... we should start with the story which is .It is the first Disney-Pixar movie which terribly let me down in the department of story, plot, screenplay.

  Extremely beautifully done Scottish landscape, The castle, the stupid King Fergus and the wise Queen Elinor, the three th naughty brats as princes and ...the spirited princess ,Merida a brave archer with fiery red hair blazing and billowing in the wind, as she gallops on her horse .

 The animation done for her skills is absolutely breathtaking and for the Scottish landscape...Marvellous. She is shown as a gifted archer, an exceptional rider and an extraordinary person driven by passion and impulse.

But after this introduction the story gets confusing and muddy. HOW is she Brave ? as for me she was selfish in the beginning and remains the same at the end! In fact it is Queen ELINOR who is the wisest and possess heroic qualities and a sound and clear head on her shoulders amidst her sons, daughter, husband and relatives.
And it is not clear HOW Merida changes her Destiny ?? by not marrying the princes? No. What if one of the three princes were to be handsome, smart and a good archer? She'd been SMITTEN and perhaps tied her flame like hair in a bun to have a nice view ?

And the spell was SO Pathetic and GROSS. Though accidentally, but to change ur mother into a .. Grizzly BEAR ...eww.

The only impressionable scene was where Merida tells to her father and suitors about the going against tradition and marrying for love and to let everybody follow their heart and dreams .....but BEHOLD !! this eloquent heart warming speech was not Merida's but she was the instrument of Queen Elinor ......SO AGAIN Its ELINOR WHO right from the start WAS and EMERGED again and again as THE HEROINE AND THE TRUE PROTAGONIST.

 No doubt. Pixar technique and voice acting was FAULTLESS. They told on TV how PHd mathematicians and acoustic people have worked hard on this movie to make the animation real. True, because animation and technique are the only things which are good  in it.sadly, these can't work as a solid and clear storyline. 


 SO Highly NOT  RECOMMENDED  unless u love to see the red hair reacting to every slightest change in weather...dampness, wind, sunlight, moonlight, messy-tangled look etc.etc.

If Animation sights are  only what u love then its ...SPECTACULAR.



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