Thursday, July 25, 2013


“Hugo’’ is based on Brian Selznick’s 2007 young-adult novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,’’ 
and is converted in this beautifully fluid movie 'Hugo'
A nice movie, deftly made for those who love the art of movies and feels their importance. And for those who feels for young minds and hearts and cares for their imaginations and feelings... want them to see dreams, nurture  and follow them.

Hugo Cabret is a young motherless boy, living a happily guarded life with his clock maker father, who also works in a Museum .When his father (Jude Law) died in a fire accident in the museum , he had to live with Uncle Claude in railway station compartments ,where, he keep on living secretly even after the death of Claude. though the station is a hub of all the life activities, nobody ever noticed incongruity !

All he has now
is memories, love for tinkering with machines ,a notebook of his father's sketches and notes, and an ingeniously crafted but incomplete  automaton with a mysterious heart shaped lock ....Then he met cantankerous Papa George who has a secret past life and a friend in form of Isabelle; papa George's  adopted daughter  ,who has  a carving for books and adventure and who incidentally loves Dickens!

 In these conditions, fascination, dreams and passion for one's craft adds the emotional drama and the  blue ,sparkling eyes  of the boy and the innocent, infectious grin of  Isabelle pours soul. The station master, the florist and the book keeper sailed through their assigned roles with ease and elan` conveying many feelings  in few scenes.

There's one scene without mentioning the review is incomplete , where the first movie's ever scenes were shown.. the train pulling into a station and the audience reacting in terror thinking it will run them over!! It was marvellous. (though with technology but REAL then any other thing I have seen in 3D so far. )

Though a kid movie and perhaps, a little loaded for them....but good nevertheless.


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