Its a  PERFECT movie in animation category -'The Incredibles'

Its been in my list of PERFECT TOP 10

What can I write....its fantastic, slick, cool, fabulous, awesome, irresistible ..... simply INCREDIBLE!

The idea, the story the dialogues ,costumes.... er, sketches, animation ... real, witty, intelligent and though a superhero movie its completely believable.
... The short story at the start of the movie is sweet and meaning kids love it very much.
And then the Incredible household grabs our full attention...reference to all other superheroes is intelligent and MY fav. character -- well ALL of them :) even the twisted and wicked   Syndrome and the abominable   Boss of Bob - Gilbert Huph !

 And with a VERY special mention to EDNA MODE whose voice acting was done by the writer BRAD BIRD himself (yes! a guy) and isn't that INCREDIBLE!

 All the stunts ,the gadgets are slick and super cool. Nothing new but to present them in such a spontaneous and believable way as if the super heroes and the 'ism' is a routine thing is  masterful.
My verdict- Shun everything grab a DVD of it. Well, well,well ..
 U must have done that ages before :)

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