Like most classic buffs I LOVE to watch period dramas and movie adaptations of literary works. And Jane Austen being one of the Favourites; its natural only that I'll watch adaptations of her works.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Sense and sensibility' , 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Emma and 'Mansfield Park'' However What I'm posting here is about 'Becoming Jane' - a slice from of Austen's own life. Played so convincingly by another favourite Anne Hathaway , it is like a melody sometimes smiling sometimes melancholy but always flowing sweetly, never out of tune.

Though the movie  ,when released was received with equal numbers of bouquets  as well as brickbats ...from Austen lovers for its historical inaccuracies but, for me a true slice of life is MUCH more about catching the right flavour and air ..what we call as 'BHAAV PAKSH' in Hindi. And it's perfectly able to depict that. The emotional tug, social conditions, mind set, language and the picturesque beauty of locales in the way as Austen herself would have done.. true , simple and not over the top.

 James Mc Avoy was too good in the department of facial expression but it was Anne Hathaway who steals the show as simple, homely, sensitive, observant ,intelligent and highly sensible Jane.. almost like Ms. Bennet or Elinor . Yes, certain sequences are like straight from the pages of 'Pride and Prejudice' or 'Sense and Sensibility' but then, it was her experiences of life which made her able to write what she wrote and in the way she did that!

For me - Nothing less then .. Perfect !!

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