Watched and liked YJHD. full on masti .

 Contrary to most reviews I found R.K.  as Bunny ,NOT selfish but a little self centred and then there is  lively and a not-so-confident paddhu Naina ,a very vella and dependent good guy Aditya roy kapur AND my fav character Aditi played by KALKI.
 Though bunny is shown as a self centred guy, I liked him for his Honesty and will power. A down to earth , smart and desi values wali naina only can mellow him down for responsibility and to adapt acc. to life's plan rather then always adapting life acc to your own plans . Naina 's character seems able to do that without lecturing..that's another why I liked the movie.
Besides Bunny I liked Aditi as the girl who loves from the depths of her soul, still moves on and chooses a diagonal but secure life rather then wasting it with a person who's not able to realise his own worth .

 Another like for the 4 character accepting that 'things are not what they used to be....' as in real life ALL of us feel sometime... somewhere ...
Another for like for 'wistfully wishing to relive some moments of past again and better..................' some thing which ALL of us do.

 So FOR me YJHD is Good!! for its SUBTLETY and Flow ♥ ( minus some songs which are a tad lengthy .)


  1. i too loved the movie.....
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