Watched 'Arthur Christmas'
Like most Hollywood animated movies, its good.

 Though not as great as 'Over the hedge and 'The Incredibles' , parts of it are witty and intelligent like the whole techno-gizmo workspace of Santa, the militarised approach for Christmas as a mission and the way the father-sons relationship Of the 3 generations of Santas with their bonding, longings for old and new, jests and competition.
The grandfather Santa, now retired , wobbly and suffering from all physical and psychological things defining OLD AGE , the Current Santa...on the verge of retirement, tired, just want to finish the work nicely type of attitude, and the sons i.e. Future Santa.
The elder ,serious and sincere Steve working towards the post of next Santa while the younger ,sentimental and a worrier Arthur managing the Postal department of Santa Claus, North Pole!

 How an error of 0.000052% caused havoc in Santaland and how it makes all in the family to sit up and realize the true spirit of Christmas.. is what the movie is about.

lines wrapped in layers of meaning, delivered well is the forte`of Hollywood writers and they nailed it again.

As for other things which I liked : -

Arthur's apple green(was it neon green?) Sweater, Steve's Fir tree shaped Goatee, the magic dust from Aurora Borealis AND the Packer Elf !

For me it was just a little Predictable , for Ani it was Too good!
So watch it ...U might feel the jingles.

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