Movies Wise Wisdom !

Knowledge is what is scripted in papers and  bound in books. It can be given, fed, crammed and caned into, forced upon us and is applied by us when conditions demand.
Wisdom is what is sprinkled here and there, everywhere, waiting patiently to be picked up. From most improbable quarters it can dawn on us, like a sudden flash of lightening.
And we use it if we are wise enough to, without  realising it because, once gained it never leaves and becomes a way of life ...something essential yet mundane, like breathing.

I, for one (and like most)  got the least from lectures, teachers and classes and the most from movies, book , kiddie cartoons, hostel-life, people and life in general!

The other day while scrubbing the kitchen floor I thought about compiling all the wise ideas which I get from various quarters other than the obvious - parents, friends and  text- books.
 Leaving the rest for some other post, here are some movies which I feel wise enough.

The wisdom which I got is necessarily not the one which the director-writers of these works were trying to impart ... and that makes the experience a wise one as unpredictability added to the charm!

1) From 'The Nannies Diaries'

I understood what  Rousseau's meant by  Negative Education.
It's only by living and experiencing the life we don't want, we'll be able to decide what we really want  which is worth enough to die for. The last scene of the  movie where Scarlett's character decides to go to Anthropology says these ILLUMINATING words - 

"There's a popular belief amongst anthropologists that you must immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world in order to truly understand your own.."

 So true..
And not to mention, how miserable I was to find this truth so late in life!

2.) From 'Harriet- the spy'

I am  glad it came before the end of my teens.  I remembered these lines rest of my life and these  helped me immensely in my University days not only for staying the same BUT in also accepting the cost of being what I was...and believe me it was pricey :/ 

In the movie, The Nanny said these wise lines to our protagonist Harriet, making me re-consider about nannies. The Nanny Intelligence, in general, seemed coming from a much higher plateau!

You're an individual, That makes people nervous. And it's going to keep making people nervous your whole life ....You stay true to Harriet and you accept the cost"

3.) From 'Finding Nemo'

Well, that it's courageous to keep hanging on but even more in letting go! 
and that NO plants grow under big Trees .

Very-very Good ! A  gentle reminder to me  as I watched this one, as a mother of two.

My maternal grandfather had this superb quality of 'letting go' He 'Let' those  go who were precious to him, even more than life itself . But then, he, understood life and its ways far better  than me !
I  knew it, agreed to it but to practice it is different .Nemo helped me in MY 'letting go' s for the sake of kids ....

4.) From 'Hum Dono'

 Unconditional Love.
That asking one's lover to poverty  and misery in the name of love is not love.  
There is a scene between the boyishly charming and effervescent  Dev Anand and heroine Sadhna's father regarding Love. due to the layered dialogue  it went so well with me. It was a reality check as it truly defined selfless, unconditional love. I liked it for its underplaying  harshness but then, truthfulness can never be harsh just like right is always the beautiful!

 5.) From 'Never Been Kissed'

 With this, I realised how much I love to attend classes, write reports, submit projects and being with friends and reading literature! when Drew's character got admission in High-School , it was me who was thrilled and when she dressed up as Shakespeare's Rosalind, it was me who was ecstatic! Even fell in love with  her teacher!

That undercover act,to be able to see the world of a 17 year old by the eyes of a 25 year old and the prom-night scene where she spills the beans about her identity and the importance of being young,of being in high- school  and being yourself  got me. 
Specially, the eloquent speech about ways and feelings of high- school 
"And there's still that one guy,  the one who is so perfect in every way, from  ......  to the way he, in his own way, struggles to uphold tradition.
 High school would  not be the same without him. I would not have been the same without  him."

wisdom I got...I married THAT guy! :)

6.) From 'Sugar and Spice'

that its all about money, honey! If u have pounds no one can cut u around!
especially after marrying the aforementioned guy! and to plan a family... however I  used that   lingering wisdom in getting a good job rather than robbing a bank.

That's why knowledge comes and may go if it choose to.
 but wisdom, well it  lingers...


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    1. Thanks a lot and I am glad you liked it. Love, Kokila

  2. Whether for good or bad, movies shape our worldview. Your reflections bring that out in a positive way. I love the Harriett the Spy and Never Been Kissed quotes that you singled out.

    You have a beautiful blog. The way the snowflakes drift down is really mesmerizing.

    1. Thanks A lot for visiting and sharing your thoughts! Your comment means a lot to me :)

  3. This is so wonderful, Kokila, with such wise lessons.
    Am yet to watch many movies from your list.
    I especially love your words for #5. God bless you both!

    1. So many heartfelt thanks for your wishes Anita... sometimes when things are not exactly great and you are too tired or fed-up and doubtful about yourself... words like yours work wonders :) U R A real friend in this virtual world...

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