Christina's Ghost


In 'Christina's Ghost' the writer Betty Ren Wright narrates a tale full of suspense and ghosts while  beautifully telling an intriguing story of two people who are so different from each other but learn to respect and understand each other while spending summer holidays in  an isolated, spooky place.
 The grumpy Uncle Ralph had Christina in jitters when she found herself in unavoidable situation of spending summer hols with him ...specially as he don't appreciate her tom boyish ways ...and that too in an isolated mansion with an evil past lurking around it.
But things changed for worse or better? when she  encountered a ghost of a sad small boy in sailor suit ...leading to chilling discoveries.

The book is extremely well written, devoid of blood and gore and hence is fit for children.It keeps the young as well as adult reader hooked and waiting with abetted breath for the resident attic evil to strike !
Illustrations by Ann Johns are good and Christina and her Uncle emerge not only as  lovable and easy going but also understanding and brave persons.

A worth read book.
And something I came to know much later is that the book is winner of  many awards namely
• Winner of seven child-voted state awards!
• Georgia Children's Book Award
• Indiana Young Hoosier Book Award
• Oklahoma Sequoyah Children's Book Award
• South Carolina Children's Book Award
• Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award
• Texas Bluebonnet Award
• Virginia Young Readers Award
 Young Hoosier Book Award Winner (Intermediate, 1988–1989)
TASL Volunteer State Book Children's Choice Award

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