Franklin's Blanket

The book is a MUST read for all children. Its one of the Franklin series  authored by Paulette Bourgeois and the beautiful in detail illustration is done  by Brenda Clark , giving life to Franklin and his world!
Brenda have put so much heart in her drawings that though the story is already good , the pictures uplifts the narration to a whole new level... the windows , window- sills, towels, flowing curtains, wall hangings in bear's , fox's and the Turtle's room, décor, toys, prints on bed sheets, lamps, bookracks.....each and every little thing has come  alive by the touch of her magical pencil . The homes of the turtle's and the  bear's and fox's, have that look kiddish look .And boy! They are Clean, organized, well equipped with books, trunks, chests ,mirrors and all that stuff found in an upper middle class home.
Whew! am talking much about the graphics.
The story is  the spine and a well written one is like a spine blessed with perfect vertebrae and elastic muscles. It makes the body of the book move gracefully and enchantingly.
It just happened with the Franklin series.
After I googled regarding the book I realized Franklin is so popular that there are landmarks and statutes of it at children gardens and place. The  above stone statue where the Turtle is  sitting on a stool is with Brenda .  No wonder she is spell bound by his antics like us all!

A must read ..... Happy Reading .


  1. There is so much for children nowadays. I guess I was born way too early :P

    1. Lol... yeah seems so :) still its never late .... start reading ... NOW ! :) Thanks for being here Sougata .

  2. Yes, Franklin is one of my favourites too...along with my son :-D The cartoon series is also very much popular ...nice to see that you're reviewing such sweet books... :-)

    1. Yeah he is sweet lovely guy with the most awesome interior decorator at his feet... err.. back :) Glad your son is friends with him..its a visual treat :)


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