The Silent Snake

 By Anonymous 

 "The birds go fluttering in the air,
   The rabbits run and skip,
               Brown squirrels race along the bough,
               The May-flies rise and dip;

         But while these creatures play and leap,
        The silent snake goes creepy-creep!

    The birdies sing and whistle loud,
    The busy insects hum,

    The squirrels chat, the frog says “Croak!”
    But the snake is always dumb.

         With not a sound through grasses deep
         The silent snake goes creepy-creep."

Written by an unknown poet it's picturesque and sweet. To write beautifully about dirty pigs, slimy frogs, wobbly spiders and antsy ants is an intrinsic quality found in all foreign writers. Now some Indians are also doing great job in this field particularly Asha Nehemia, Divik Ramesh and others.
Be it prose or poetry they write effortlessly about animals in their elements .
No idealistic charan- sparsh or dramatic  matr-pitr bhakti and aagya -grahan blah ,blah , blah... only characters with species specific traits , lots of human err... animal faults .... some life  situations .. self-realization and natural victory of goodness over complications.
Be it in their movies or books, these are good enough to teach us a thing or two!
Right from the days of Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton  the hoppity rabbits and the jumppity frogs are hopping and jumping around us....

They've  a story for ALL of them. For the bee and the grasshopper, the frog and the fly, the little birdie and the squirrel ,the rabbit, the spider, caterpillar and the slug , the mice, the crab and even a snake! 

All I know is that I just love  these.





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  1. Its funny to read children's poems as an adult . The price of growing up I guess.


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