Famous Disney Castles

 Disney ... Castles in the Air, to make a maiden's heart leap with wonder and joy, the eyes shine
like diamonds and  she sways with her Prince in the glory of love in the vast spaces of these palaces forever and ever.

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I found this article so good that can't help to share it with u all. So here are the Castles ...

The Evil Queen’s Castle, Snow White
 A castle lorded by the Evil queen.

King Stefan’s Castle, Sleeping Beauty
disney_castles_sleeping-beautyAmidst well-manicured trees, this castle looks soothing  in pastel colours .
Prince Charming’s Castle, Cinderella
This castle looks almost impossibly vertical.it’s like the castle is just another cloud floating in the sky.

The Red Queen’s Castle, Alice in Wonderland
 A beautiful  castle but  the Red Queen herself is almost as much of as mess as the exterior of this place.

Prince Eric’s Castle, The Little Mermaid
Look how this castle literally sits right on the beach. It doesn’t get more picturesque than this. It’s also an unique architectural style.

Beast’s Castle, Beauty and the Beast
Beast’s castle is enchanted. Never-ending libraries, grand ballrooms, talking inanimate objects; this castle has it all.

Castle Dunbroch, Brave
Now this is a castle. We’re getting a distinctly medieval vibe from the stone and architecture and almost one is  transported to Scotland just looking at it.

Princess Jasmine’s Castle, Aladdin
disney_castles_aladdinThis castle involves gold.  There are fountains, there is a domesticated tiger, there are hidden lairs.

Rapunzel’s Castle
This castle has its own island. Also, it’s gorgeous.  that lantern thing happens once a year, which is pretty magical.

Glinda’s Castle, Oz The Great and Powerful
The land surrounding Glinda’s castle is stunning.


  1. Disney knows how to create the best castles isn't it.

    1. Definitely Sougata... though ranked here... these all are marvelous :)

  2. You have some peculiar but lovely posts here. I mean who would think of compiling Disney's castles in their blog? I'm definitely coming back. Because, I have clicked the follow button. :)

    1. LOL ! .... First a warm welcome and then ... the images were extremely lovely and the stories behind the palaces too marvelous to be left... I was pressed for time, so simply gave the links and the rankings :D .... may be some day will write posts on them full exploration :D glad to have you here my honest young friend :)


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