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The Affair continues..


 Banana trees became  another favourite .... with their long, shapely leaves, clad in vibrant green colour from head to toe, these look regal.
Sometimes  the leaves sway like elephant's ears slowly,gracefully with elegance  unlike the Peepal leaves fluttering like a flock of birds on the slightest cue.
 Peepal leaves cause furore at the merest hint of air and make a noise like gushing water. that's why its another name is Chaldal i.e Chancahl(restless ) dal(leaf) To me they feel like a big bunch of naughty kids all rushing at the same time.  We have a BIG Peepal tree in front of our house in north. It's large, shady and green.....full of life. Always full of chirping sparrows, cooing koels,crowing crows ,humming bees and chattering monkeys. In the evenings it looks beautiful as mitti ke deepak filled with mustard oil are lit under it. I am grateful to my neighbours as they never messed up the tree with 'pooja samagri' and had made it a point to clean the place every morning.
(It's very rare in India as people put oils and ointments and pulses and fruits etc. but NEVER bother to clean the poor tree or the place around it.)
Another tree which is exclusive tto he Indian soil is The Mango tree- King of fruits. The scent which pours out from its leaves and the unripe fruit. Simply intoxicating!
When the season starts 'BOR' of greenish-golden colour bloom on its each branch and every twig looking as if golden dust is sprinkled on a bower of emeralds. Guess that's why the term bor or bour -bourana means getting mad, intoxicated ! 
I've read so much about the Tamarind tree but have never chanced to see it. It is said that Sur Samrat Mian Taansen used to chew its leaves to make his voice clear and fine. He loved it so much that he used to do Riyaz or practise under it only. Later  his mausoleum  in Gwalior is shaded by his dear imli ka ped . There is a festival in the month of December every year when musicians from all over the country come to his shrine and chew the leaves of this tamarind tree to get his
blessings .Its believed that
(Image thanks to GyanendraSinghchauhan  )

this chewing will make their voice melodious and will correct the sur, laya and taal of their music.The tree is almost denuded by the musicians at that time !
While I keep them chewing the imli ka boota... my tryst with trees will continue .

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  1. Hello Kokila, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm sorry it has taken a while to reply to you but I've only just returned from a holiday in Malaysia. I'm looking forward to reading all your posts. Barbara.

  2. Thanks again Barbara z, You are most welcome. hope you enjoyed your vacation.... looking forward for your views and comments :)

  3. Dear Kokila, I’ve just awarded your blog a Liebester Award (see full details on my blog). I hope you have fun with it. Barbara.

    1. Thanks dear, thanks a lot for selecting me for the award!
      Love Kokila.


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