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The Krishna Key : Review

Book    :  The Krishna Key
Author :  Ashwin Sanghi
Genre :   Mythological Thriller Fiction
Cover Illustration : Excellent
Best Buy at : Flipcart, Amazon
Trailer on : You Tube
Welcome Aboard to a journey to a submerged Dwarka, Mathura, Himalayas, Somnath, Vrindavan and Agra, into a world full of mythological coded scriptures, anagrams and ciphers. Its Ashwin Sanghi again and believe me he is organized this time. With characters like Saini, Radhika Pandit, Khan ,Vakil and Mata ji , he is much better. Though Mata ji disguised as  research student was a tad lame but then I reminded myself of Aamir's character in Fana .... and calmed my ruffled senses er.. feathers.
The dose of history and ciphers was also strictly measured unlike in 'The Rozabal Line'. Good.
The settings were VERY good.
The detailed history regarding the Somnath Temple and the concept of Philosopher's Stone was marvellous.
The description this time don't hurt unlike 'The Rozabal Line…

The Rozabal Line : Review

Title : The Rozabal Line
Author : Ashwin Sanghi
Genre : Theological Fiction
Cover Illustration : Very Good
Best Buy on : Flipcart , Amazon

The Rozabal Line is dark, full of anagrams,hidden truths, clandestine societies, is tiring to read and at times not compelling.
It traces back the history of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and bits of Hinduism to their very roots. It establishes that Jesus lived after Crucifixion and not just visited  but stayed, lived and died in India and that different people fighting for the religious superiority are basically cousins from a large clan spread all around the globe fighting for the ultimate supremacy and power.
First : Not Fresh.
Second : The book is like reading notes for my exams- a tedious task. Class notes have this miraculous tendency to turn the most interesting subjects into boring, tough and OTH (over the head )thing.
Same with the book.
The author , just like our over zealous Professors, had so much information  that at the wr…

Sons and lovers

Book : Sons and Lovers Author : D.H. Lawrence Genre : Autobiographical Novel  Published by : Wordsworth Classic My Ratings : 4.5/5 It is a beautiful prose with qualities of poetry flowing through out it. Its  a 1913 novel and is considered one of the 100 best novels of the 20th century.Initially it incited a weak reception, along with allegations of obscenity, it is today regarded as a masterpiece and  Lawrence's finest achievement .
PLOT SUMMARY The refined and sensitive Gertrude, meets a rough  miner at a Christmas dance and falls into a whirlwind romance lead by attraction of the opposite. Soon after her marriage to Walter Morel,realises the difficulties of living off his meagre salary in a bleak environment ,the difference in nature,tastes and philosophy of life with he under the earth in dark and she always blooming in sunlight and fresh air as pure as a flower physically and mentally.
 Gradually, her affections shift to her sons. The elder, William, who is so attached to his …


The white blanket of snow is here again ....Not in Bangalore though but the X-mas effect is clearly visible as with December , along comes the Yuletide spirit . The 9 reindeer of Santa
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen  and the red nosed Rudolph with a nose like light bulb!are sprinting again throughout the world. 
Yes! Christmas is here and so is Santa.
As for my kids , Christmas movies are
filling the day and Christmas songs are the lullabies now.
They are extremely happy with the gifts Santa has brought and we are pleased for them. Its a rarity

that in a world full of  much unwanted knowledge at your doorstep , they both are still innocent enough to believe in Santa and the nice and the naughty list!

For my  daughter it's sheer magic! She was repeating  "How come Santa gave me exactly what I was secretly pining for?" while her brother also marvelled at the accuracy of the gifts!
He explained that its not necessary that we always go…

The Mahabharata Secret : A Review

Book: The Mahabharata Secret
Author: Christopher C Doyle
Cover Rating : Awesome
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The cover says- "244 BC Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret a secret buried deep in the Mahabharata a secret that could destroy the world, a secret hidden away for over 2300 years.   Present dayA retired nuclear scientist is murdered. He leaves only e mails with clues for his nephew. He and his friends follow a trail through ciphers and 2000 year old ruins. Pursued by powerful dark forces, caught between the secrets of the past and the intrigues of the present, can they unravel the mystery before an unspeakable horror is unleashed on the world....."  The you tube video says .... 244 BC: Asoka the Great discovers an ancient secret buried in the Mahabharata. 2001: A skeleton is discovered in a cave behind one of the destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas.   Present Day India: A retired nuclear scientist is murdered and leaves clues in emails for his …

Bangle Sellers : Sarojini Naidu

Poem : The Bangle sellers
Poetess : Sarojini Naidu
My Ratings : 5/5
I loved poems of Sarojini Naidu andremember her 'The Bangle sellers' verbatim. It was in our school poetry book in class 5th. The lines are etched in my mind and at that time I used to feel it will be in my heart till my last breath ......  such was and is the impact of the poem ...
It starts as
Bangle sellers are we who bear
Our shining loads to the temple fair…
Who will buy these delicate, bright
Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,
For happy daughters and happy wives.

Some are meet for a maiden’s wrist,
Silver and blue as the mountain mist,
Some are flushed like the buds that dream
On the tranquil brow of a woodland stream,
Some are aglow with the bloom that cleaves
To the limpid glory of new born leaves

Books for Grab in Bangalore

Lately books have become luxury. They have become a thing to show off and are as status defining as a Gucci or a Lamborghini. These are bought in bulk according to the colour scheme of the house , to be used as a piece of interior decoration!Hmmm... My cat is thinking hard....
More interestingly, reading books is passé` ... penning a one is in !!
Understandably with mass popularity of books the prices soar.....skyrocket.
Thankfully enough, the price hike comes with the culture of book cafes and multistory books stores like Landamrk, Blossoms, BookWorm etc. all of which offers good discounts and  various other schemes to reduce the burn on the pockets.

Still, bibliophiles like me can not live on such stores alone. And to save the day for people like us enters the small shops and shacks which lie unpretentiously like the proverbial gudri ke lal in alleys and by lanes of all cities and Bangalore is no exception.
If the famous Avenue road is the answer of  Dariya ganj  then almost all mal…

Bestseller Books : A review

I miss those days when I used to get goose bumps realising that a person has written a book. Now its common... every body that is anybody becomes somebody  by writing stuff.
most are trash, if not pure then half cooked, half baked, pseudo- philosophical crap.
And all they including media , bookstores,readers care about is the numbers-  money.

Post Chetan Bhagat any one who knows English  is a writer. Its good at least people are expressing.Psychologists and sociologists must be on full time duty as all they need is few chapters of a book and they almost know the person.

Having said that I must say that Chetan Bhagat is still the one who writes better then all. Specially 'The 3 Mistakes of my life' Though female characters of his books including his own story inspired '2 States' are dampeners but ......perhaps this is what our current female generation has become caricatures... farratedar English speakers, uber cool sensible dressers, aware of social issues but all sur…

Blog Award

Hey !! I got the The Liebster Blog Award !
Thanks a lot dear Barbara Fischer for this :)
 "Liebester" is a German word meaning sweetheart or beloved, dearest, sweet, nicest... So its really sweet to receive it and sweeter to get it from March House Books, a blog I not only appreciate but adore.
 A major aspect of blogging is to connect with people so its a great way to promote upcoming bloggers and  to know more about your fellow bloggers.
By accepting, I am bound to answer the questions given to me and to word my own for the other chosen by me. Mm .. sounds good.well, here I go.

The rules are-

Link back to the blog that nominated you. Answer the questions given.
Nominate 10 blogs & let them know.
Ask 10 questions for the blogs you nominate to answer in their post. Share a couple of random facts about yourself.

and the questions which I have to answer are-

Do you have a favourite Christmas song? If so what is it?
'Christmas Wrapping' by Spice Girls
What or who insp…

Almost Single : Book review

The book 'Almost Single ' came out some time in 2009 and there was a great buzz . It was in 'The Week' and was talked about  very much specially in constant comparison with Chetan  Bhagat and  the new breed of young Indians writing in comprehensible spoken English. 

Being an Indian bahu-mother of two and a working lady I had better things (read chit-chat,gossip and matching suit with dupatta-choori-bindi ) to do .... So its  recently while on another very 'important' shopping spree,I accidentally saw the book  and refused to let the 'opportunity' fly. Its 2013 .By now  had Ms Kala wanted to , she must have not only written off the  maidenhood and single status of Aisha , Misha and Anushka but could have written the saga of their next generation too ....

Hmmm....They say that a long quest ends well.
Does it?

Not exactly... the narration is fine but the story is missing. It's like a diary with  routine inputs and  don't offers anything substantia…