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Bestseller Books : A review

I miss those days when I used to get goose bumps realising that a person has written a book. Now its common... every body that is anybody becomes somebody  by writing stuff.
most are trash, if not pure then half cooked, half baked, pseudo- philosophical crap.
And all they including media , bookstores,readers care about is the numbers-  money.

Post Chetan Bhagat any one who knows English  is a writer. Its good at least people are expressing.Psychologists and sociologists must be on full time duty as all they need is few chapters of a book and they almost know the person.

Having said that I must say that Chetan Bhagat is still the one who writes better then all. Specially 'The 3 Mistakes of my life' Though female characters of his books including his own story inspired '2 States' are dampeners but ......perhaps this is what our current female generation has become caricatures... farratedar English speakers, uber cool sensible dressers, aware of social issues but all surf no salt! All this is equivalent to old times silai, kadhai, seena-pirona, talent wali Indian ladki ....and worse as todays gals have to maintain the no-nonsense, thinking gal mask also while not smudging the fuchsia lip gloss.
So, he writes what he sees and gets and  not what he imagines or thinks....

 Any way of the rest of the young breed ,most write about how they find true love(? )amidst countless relationships and one night stands. eww... and it gives them a good reason for explicit language and depictions .... more ewww... and all this in a repetitive Punjabi -influenced- dilli wallah- karol baghisque style-tu-tadak wali language.

The parents of such protagonists are either hi-fi socialites speaking with an accent and lets their kids try dope-shope for the heck of it or the mummyji , puppaji haggling with the vendor over bhaji rates  or doing total siyappa over the increasing age of the unmarried daughters or earning sons.

Its repetitively repetitive . No complaints about the similar concept, theme or incidents but the description and the narration MUST offer a new perspective and a  fresh writing style. otherwise It seems as if one has written the book by keeping previous one in front.
I specially disliked the national bestsellers ..... be it Advait Kala's Almost Single, Preeti shenoy's 34 Bubblegums and candies, Durjoy Dutta's I love you till I find someone else or Rajinder singh's She fell in Love.. God Help me!
I HATE it when after reading I find  'The National Bestseller' tag on these.... in what type of nation I live in where such trash is bestseller?  or mercifully it's only a book selling strategy to lure innocent readers like me. sigh.
Though I have not read Gulshan Nanda, still by the way Successful movies were made on his stories I presume he is far better.Some of the movies based on his writings  are Kaajal, Sharmilee, Neelkamal,Kati Patang, Daag, Nazraana , Aznabee , Azaad  and all of these are good romances with nuanced characters as in Neelkamal, Daag and Ajnabee.

So, till I grab a copy of Mr. Nanda's book its better to stay away from today's bestsellers...... as they in their much liked expression ....suck!


  1. I have read Gulshan Nanda and finds him spellbinding. If you like hindi shayari then you will definitely going to like his books.

    1. I have not read him but have seen movies enough am quite sure he must be a good writer... his scripts have delicacy of feelings and beauty of emotions plus twists and turns are also abundant... definitely better then the 'bestsellers'... :)


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Bringing Down the House : Review

'Bringing down the house' stars my two favs Steve martin and Queen Latifah :) so expectations were high ...only to be crashed again.

 A story idea with potential which turned out half baked as too many ingredients like the  Victorian attitude, the nanny-thing,blind -date-backfire, kids-need-attention, still in much love ex-couple ingredient....and many more.Different natures of these ingredients prevented the dish to bake fully. Alas! an amazing star cast but a moderate product. 
The most it will do is just bring down your expectations .
Still U can give it a try :)
Mostly for the sake of the lead pair which certainly shows sparks in this otherwise lack lustre film.