The Krishna Key : Review

Book    :  The Krishna Key
Author :  Ashwin Sanghi
Genre :   Mythological Thriller Fiction
Cover Illustration : Excellent
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Welcome Aboard to a journey to a submerged Dwarka, Mathura, Himalayas, Somnath, Vrindavan and Agra, into a world full of mythological coded scriptures, anagrams and ciphers. Its Ashwin Sanghi again and believe me he is organized this time. With characters like Saini, Radhika Pandit, Khan ,Vakil and Mata ji , he is much better. Though Mata ji disguised as  research student was a tad lame but then I reminded myself of Aamir's character in Fana .... and calmed my ruffled senses er.. feathers.
The dose of history and ciphers was also strictly measured unlike in 'The Rozabal Line'. Good.
The settings were VERY good.
The detailed history regarding the Somnath Temple and the concept of Philosopher's Stone was marvellous.
The description this time don't hurt unlike 'The Rozabal Line'.
The plot was simple and complex at the same time. The quest was believable and fast paced. The historical anecdotes about Krishna and his Dwarka kept me glued .
Kudos to Ashwin to renew interest of youngistan in our Mythological characters in fact meet fiction mythological thriller way.
 He also enriched my knowledge of certain things. sample this

"The Rosary represents the ecliptic – the path of the sun and moon across the sky. Yogis divide the ecliptic into twenty-seven equal sections called Naakshatras, and each of these into four equal padas – or steps –marking the 108 steps that the sun and moon take through the skies.”
What truly amazing is the fact that the distance between the earth and the sun is exactly 108 times the sun’s diameter. More incredible is the fact that the distance between earth and moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. The sun’s diameter is 108 times the diameter of the earth.”
Image of Dwarka
His writing style is effortless and Thank God he is not explaining each and every hindi word and phrase making it feel as if written for western readers ONLY like Amish Tripathi  did in 'The Shiva Trilogy'
For the extensive research and the key image .... In this area ,he scored again! Master of research and conceptualisation.
  Now the Ummm...
Again he did give extra details of  Radhika's history ,made the character superficial  by the way she behaves...filmi ishtyle. The love blooming between her and Saini .. eww...
It would have been more realistic if Saini ,who was almost falling for Priya unaware of her true identity 'made out' with her instead. Only to later sympathise (and not sleep) with Radhika.

Actual images of seal,other items courtesy
Second, when he explains about Somnath as well as Mount Kailash being the place, and the evidences were convincing enough but again they all matched with Taj Mahal  as well. This  is bit too much. Its confusing to know what is correct as their are X number of places in India which can fit in the description if tried with Author's knowledge!

Third, the mythological story of Krishna before each chapter is neither relevant nor provide any new information .(to Indian readers at least)
So, their was some disconnect in the narrative... I can't tell what ...may be about Tarak  or Radhika ....
With Tarak agin I felt no need of his detailed past... The stress on his childhood problems made him fake and distant,specially when his mother seemed to be a concerned Ma .
I am myself confused about where to pin point the weakness but it is there.
So, most of the pluses I found are in comparison with 'The Rozabal Line'.
Overall the book is interesting but certainly NOT captivating. Sigh!
Looking forward to Chankya's Chant.


  1. Many of my friends were over -excited about this book but I never found it that much worthy.As you've said , there were many things which I think were not at all relevant to the narration . However , Sanghi is called the Dan Brown of the East ( grrrrrrrr ) ...

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