The Mahabharata Secret : A Review

Book: The Mahabharata Secret
Author: Christopher C Doyle
Cover Rating : Awesome
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The cover says-


"244 BC Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret a secret buried deep in the Mahabharata a secret that could destroy the world, a secret hidden away for over 2300 years. 
 Present day A retired nuclear scientist is murdered. He leaves only e mails with clues for his nephew. He and his friends follow a trail through ciphers and 2000 year old ruins. Pursued by powerful dark forces, caught between the secrets of the past and the intrigues of the present, can they unravel the mystery before an unspeakable horror is unleashed on the world....."
  The you tube video says ....
  244 BC: Asoka the Great discovers an ancient secret buried in the Mahabharata. 2001: A skeleton is discovered in a cave behind one of the destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas.  
Present Day India: A retired nuclear scientist is murdered and leaves clues in emails for his nephew, who embarks on a deadly search through ciphers and 2000 year old ruins, pursued by powerful, dark forces with dire plans for the world.What is the thread that binds these events? Unravel hidden clues in cryptic emails, search through ancient ciphers, verses and ruins and join the search for THE MAHABHARATA SECRET!
 These  are enough to prompt me to read it and my verdict is - its........ ummm.. .. nice.
 because it IS light , fast paced , provides thrills and suspense. I finished it in two sittings .  The author have definitely done a good deal of research and have blended the fact and fiction, technology and mythology effortlessly and convincingly.
The settings  are so good right from The Bamiyan Buddhas to The Tooth Temple of Lhasa and traversing across India from Bihar to Rajasthan...marvellous.
The descriptions of the sites and stupas, the intricate craftsmanship of the stone objects et al is enthralling.
The  description of the final caves ,the Illusion or the Maya is unusually beautiful , fantastic and still real! Many times in the book I felt my heart pounding.. It is a really good book for  a debutant writer.
Still its Ummmm ...
First because the quest of the Secret of Nine though never boring was a bit hurried..as if once all material on table, the plot in mind, the writer wants to reach the end fatafat......without letting the facts sink ,rushing in things a tad too much. 

 Second, the characters are  a big let down . They are without depth and the reader don't feel connected to them the way they do with Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code. 
Yes! comparison with it are inevitable.
as at places specially the fitting of the cogs and the intricacies of the gear and outer wheel of the key; it uncannily reminds us of Dan Brown .Plus the Holy Grail like quest, combination of  science and Mythology ....... but then,here the similarities end.

The dialogues are lifeless and the relation between Vijay and Radha or Vijay and his Uncle or even Vijay and Colin failed to take off beyond caricature level. The reader feels nothing for them. Its just the mystery of the task and the end result which keep us glued to the book. In fact at quite a few many times I have to skim  some portions .

But that doesn't mean that I don't like the book .All in all a good effort ..specially the imagination,(the concept of invisible island and bridge among others) and weaving of the plot  with geographical and socio-political situations is good.
I am looking forward for more from Mr. doyle. May he live up to his coveted surname 'Doyle' in field of mysteries!
Special mention to occasional brilliance in language. eg. -
'The landscape was bleak and barren; desolate scrubland with large rocks and boulders strewn around as if thrown there in anger by the hand of a giant." Pg. 192

Overall - worth reading        
When you have plenty of time and will not grumble for something more  substantial! 


  1. I agree but I liked it more . Its has a strong riddle thing.I like it.

  2. Granted .It's good! Still it definitely lacks finishing in the emotional connect area... Don't be offended ...Doyle fan :)

  3. Kokila, thank you for reading my book and posting a review on your blog. I appreciate your impartial and candid comments as well as the praise you have given in your review. I am keen to have more specific feedback from you, with examples, of parts of the book that you think can and should be improved on and I will greatly appreciate if you can write to me with those details at contact@christophercdoyle.com. This will help me in making the next book, which I am working on, much better. I hope you will have the time and the inclination for this! Thank you and I look forward to your email. Warm regards,Christopher

  4. Dear Mr. Doyle,
    First things first. I am glad to know that you take reviews from mango people like me seriously and gracefully. Its a sign of pristine emotional health! Second , as soon as my kids will be back to school after the X-mas break, I'll contact you and be more precise. Last but not the least is DO NOT say thanks for reading your book..... even in finding the lack of certain things ....the pleasure is all mine. As a reader and reviewer this is what I LOVE the most!! Grateful that you decided to write, The Reader.

  5. Thanks for the review. Looks like something I might enjoy.

    1. Yup. The whatsup guy isl definitely gonna like it :D as its full of mystery ,cryptic clues and sound sensible explanations . Glad you visited. :)

  6. I liked it but it all became too dragging at the end..one after another..even unlocking mystery has a limit yaar ! Then Vijay and Colin .... they fooled the goons so easily...! too much coincidences happening all over..and lastly..again..yes..Dan Brown ..:-P

    1. Right Maniparna... one can not Not like it! its a good book with some loose ends.... still am waiting eagerly for his next book :)

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    1. Thanks Nimi for the offer :) Consider it done !


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