The Rozabal Line : Review

Title : The Rozabal Line
Author : Ashwin Sanghi
Genre : Theological Fiction
Cover Illustration : Very Good
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The Rozabal Line is dark, full of anagrams,hidden truths, clandestine societies, is tiring to read and at times not compelling.
It traces back the history of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and bits of Hinduism to their very roots. It establishes that Jesus lived after Crucifixion and not just visited  but stayed, lived and died in India and that different people fighting for the religious superiority are basically cousins from a large clan spread all around the globe fighting for the ultimate supremacy and power.
First : Not Fresh.
Second : The book is like reading notes for my exams- a tedious task. Class notes have this miraculous tendency to turn the most interesting subjects into boring, tough and OTH (over the head )thing.
Same with the book.
The author , just like our over zealous Professors, had so much information  that at the writing table he poured it all... just like  our esteemed Professors tend to do without thinking about poor students.A wise editing would have saved his book from being a torrent of class Lecture notes on the religious history of  Christianity , Buddhism and Hinduism.
  Scores of characters like Father Vincent Sinclair, Aunt Martha, Swalkilki ,Terry Acton, supported by Alissa the American president also heading Illuminati ,Galib of Lashkar-e-Talatashar, the Sheikh, Osama of Al-Qaeda,Omar ,Valerio.... The regression sessions, Simon, Jesus ,the Marys, Kami the Japanese goddess, the birth and death cycle,the Hieros Gamos , the Bhrigu samhita , Gou-Uttama -Goutam Buddha, Brahama and Abraham etc... are err.... enlightening and at places wincing. 
The book is spans the globe with Vatican, London, Jerusalem, Pakistan, Japan, In India with Kashmir, Goa and  Delhi, then Afghanistan, Tibet and  America, whew.. The characters ,places and events I somehow managed to keep track but the history of each character and the sub-characters irritated me beyond bounds.
Actual Rozabal Tomb in Kashmir, India
 I am duly impressed with the extensive research he had done and  way he had presented HIS fiction on the bases of  destruction of world on 21 December12 . A glossary of many pages have been given at the end of the book and is a true delight for a history lover.
The Foot Imprint of Jesus in the Rozabal Tomb
He has  presented religion, spirituality, Karma, politics and terrorism in a unique blend and has  written about it with grace and flowing ease. He is a master of facts and anagrams, ciphers, codes and decoding.
I sincerely wish if he would have made two books of all the info he had. It would have been better to save the bombardment of history of each character and use it in other books. 
Being the  debut novel of Ashwin Sanghi written under the pen name Shawn Haigins, self published in America in 2008, after being rejected by scores of publishers, it is heady, heavy and very very much researched..
Bravo, for his efforts but had he come to me with the book I would have done the same as other publishers .
Still I am going to read the other two of his books. After all he has the spark! words and imagination and knowledge and intelligence!

P.S. - Visit The Rozabal and the Solomon Temple and Here for real experience of the book.

 I did!

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