Today when I logged in to my Indi blogger account, through there, I came to know about this awesome challenge A 100 happy day Challenge.
Its a win-win situation. Either you happily win or you become happy !
I think I am a  happy person but there are days, phases when it rains bucketful of blueness. Its not hard to count your blessings but sometime you just don't feel like counting as you are too blue to count! and at such times, blessings like stable job, owning a house etc. provides just a sense security, ease of living ... but not happiness.
Happiness is that radiance which erupts from inside like a fountain and it drenches you as well as all who come in your contact .And MOST importantly ,according to ME -  Happiness is when you can't fix a reason for it. There should be no cause to be happy. You are happy because you just feel that way! You see?
 To let me see better those daily chit-put nuances and tit-bits of life which makes my day sunny ,I took up the challenge  to record my happiness for 100 days in a row!! Hopes I wake up shiny every morning .
As for today , I woke up late, so it was a hurried affair in the kitchen with aloo-capsicum-onion dish along with chapatis and tea/milk and snacks for kids. But, I was calm and knew that I'll manage (as always) :) .Then it happened ...,.. my daughter came to me in the kitchen ,between getting ready for school and showed me the wide gap in her teeth waiting to be filled by the Tooth Fairy . Still sleepy, with that morning flush in her cheeks, she looked young and innocent. Instantly I clicked a pic by my battered  phone  and this one image is going to stay in my mind for long enough to make me happy not only today but in many days yet to come. The pic is not getting loaded ..... Happy? eh?

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