# Day 11

Gone are the days of lazy Sundays. Now its the most hectic day of the week and whispers the on start of the working days. Mine starts with cuddling between my both kids but, over my sleep drowned body. Suddenly both would get memory flashes of many incidents of the whole week which would be SO important that they have to be instantly told. No space for more delays...Oh Mumma , already its sooo late .You have to listen . By now, my sleep is gone and I am fully awake. I look at the clock its 5:30 AM . Both are wide awake, active and full of plans for the day, week,perhaps life.To think that these are same kids my husband faces problems in getting them out of the bed on school days!
 Out of bed I  move to lounge followed by them and we settle down on the sofa-cum-bed. The chit-chat starts.So many tales to tale, questions to ask ,all amidst peals of laughter, my admonishments for not waking Papa and occasional pushing and pinching. Now things are in full swing and I am thoroughly enjoying. Hmmm...Miracles happen on Sundays!
 A Happy Day.

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