# Day 14

Today I have prepared Besan ladoos and am going to make Gulabjamun.The raw material is ready and I am sipping my morning coffee while posting and taking a break. On Gulaabjamuns, I have tried my hand before but with ladoos it is the first time. 
Both of my children along with me like sweets but are particular and choosy about it. It should not be too sweet,
no added colours .. and all. So, home made sweets are best  for us. When we were at our native place, the grannys, chachis and mamis were there to satiate our sweet tooth with a variety of home made simple and delicious fare. But now I have to take up the responsibility .Well,the laddoos are looking round and perfect. And they taste heaven. Aroma of cardamom, taste of roasted besan (gram flour)and chunky bits of pistachio nuts... delicious. Ready for the syrupy soft, dark skinned gulab-e-jamun literally rose and black plums. Sweet Happy Day.(Image courtesy : Internet)

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