#Day 23

There is some discord brewing between the reigning elements of our heavenly abode.... its looking serious. Trying my best to sort it out but you know that how discussions have this great tendency to become arguments. Avoiding all the chaos I am posting not exactly for a Happy Day but about those, little things which help me in being positive, hopeful and still loving that Man! Grrr..
One is the morning MUMMMAA of my kids...waking up one by one both will erupt into 'Mumma!fisrt me ,first me'.
Second : Then the hugs Pihu showers on me, clinging like a monkey baby, arms around my shoulders,legs around my waist and her face nestled in my neck, smelling of almond oil from her hair.Anindy has to manage with remaining portions of my abdomen and legs to where he hugs like a big bear hugging the tree trunk! Sweet little nothings of 'my honey,my sugar plum' and the more Hindustani 'meri chanda, mera suraj, meri penguin and mera nanha lal murga (of Soviet books fame) have to be mentioned before both are ready for the morning rush. From here the charge is swiftly transferred to Papa dear, lovingly called by them as 'Chinnu Apotex' !( Chinnu , I guess is Tamil for little/sweet and Apotex is the firm where my husband works so they have re-christened their Dad).
Fourth : Despite the cold war, we both brave the morning rush with calm and store our powers for the late night thunder and storm. And due to a previously agreed 'No-Old-Sins-Treaty' we Never mention the old mistakes (though I'll be dying to do so ,to remind him how each n every time I was in the right :) ) It results in somewhat lack-lustre performance on the war front.
 You see, one point at a time, keeping to the topic only, not being sarcastic about each-others families, not digging out old skeletons, not comparing to Sharmas and Vermas ... such rules rarely allow a good fight. Still, we manage to argue, to raise our voices only to remind the other to keep the voice down as kids are sleeping! and vent out the anger.Whew! But today, as I'v written it out I wonder how I'll manage my front? Any suggestions?

PS : somehow it still feels a Happy Day :) despite having no pics to post for the morning MUMMA and our 'decent fights'!!


  1. I think it must be the same in every household, especially where there are children! Fighting but trying to be very, very quiet about it is not easy! I love the way you describe your children in the morning. It reminds me of the photos my daughter-in-law sends of her two sleepy little girls. I miss those morning cuddles now that my own son is all grown up with babies of his own. Have a Happy Day Kokila, keep smiling. :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Barbara for your wishes,We Moms get tired but these are the things to be cherished and being rational diffuses the fights(Touch Wood!)Hopes we will never be too angry to lose it. :)I love it when you comments as it always tells me more about you.
      Happiness to you and your family.. Love, Kokila...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your wishes Nagini,
      Sometimes 2 of them are really 2 much .'ll be clean,organised and serene without them but definitely not Happy !!! and guess its same with Moms around the world.Love, Kokila

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    1. Hello Brenda, Thanks for stopping by and joining! II am definitely going to visit you.
      Soon.. Love, Kokila


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