# Happy Day 7

Loads of sunshine, sugarcane , groundnuts, mounds of jaggery and hot steaming vegetable pulao ....perfect recipe for happiness and the essence of the harvest festival all over India. Lohri in north, Sankranti in east and west and Pongal in south... its celebrated everywhere. When we were kids , the corners of our mouths used to get cut by peeling the sugarcane with teeth . But the sweet ,juicy syrup was a balm for everything. Chewing by the kilos and spitting by the tons ..... till the head gets dizzy by hot sun. Hmmm... today the only difference is that the sugarcane has red peel and kids are not peeling it but eating the pre-peeled and nicely cut pieces! Aw.. they are missing the fun. No! spitting is still going on. Happy festive  moments.Happy Day.


  1. I am really enjoying reading your happy day posts! I also love reading about your childhood. When I was a little girl my sister, brother and I ate rhubarb, peas, spring onions, and soft fruits out of the garden but nothing quite like sugarcane! Have a Happy Day! Barbara

    1. Thanks a lot for your wishes. I am smiling while reading your comment :) Even I used to eat peas but will you believe that I have to google for 'rhubarb' !!! I don't even know what it is!!! Strange strange world and I love it the way it is diverse and rich, with cultural and geographical heritage bound together with a common thread of love and friendship. Thanks again for your wishes .... wishing you the same ..Kokila.

    2. PS . I forgot to tell you that I had this image of you and your siblings munching on spring onions and peas in an English kitchen garden..(probably not correct).....but the image is as sweet and charming as the postcards and all other pictures you keep on posting on your blog ...full with nostalgia and old world charm! Love, Kokila


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