Balancing Act!

Me balancing the whirl wind act : Books and work
Books are as integral to my life as breathing. I am never to be found without one at-least. They are scattered all around the house, ready to be read at different times and conditions accordingly study tables. at headrest of beds, under centre table in the drawing-room, near the TV,even in the kitchen! With a job(on/off), a husband and two school going kids, cooking, cleaning.... without any outside help , is hectic at times but no complains.I am blessed with an 'early to bed early to rise' hubby so, the late night hours are mine. I love my life this way. The way it is....juggling many things and  at the same time, trying to strike a balance among all- my roles, duties, wishes and pure me! May God give me strength for everything . Happy Me,Happy Day. #22

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