# Happy Day 2

Amidst the morning rush of packing lunches , cleaning, washing and mopping, I was fully aware that my blog is facing technical problems and I will not be able to post the picture again. Undeterred, here I am as I am happy. Of many things which make me happy today one is that today is Friday ...TGIF! So, no more rushing in the morning for next two days. And I was able to Google one upcoming reading and one nature-walking event for the kids. Don't know if we will be able to make it but it gives immense pleasure just to know that we might be going!

 No matter if I am sort of disqualified for the challenge (its about posting the PICTURE which made you happy ) I intend to fill the space for 100 Days in a row as it definitely is giving me a reason to LOOK for the happiness which I might otherwise have felt but not cherished. I am SO happy that I took part in it as its already giving me pleasure in compiling this record.... Grin.

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