#Happy Day 4

I woke up at 6:00 AM and on realising its being a Sunday, went to sleep again.... so,it becomes a Happy Day. On 6:30, Pihu snuggles to my side of bed and is wide awake as is usual with her. She is always active in the morning of holidays and weekends!By 7:00 AM I finally comes out of the bed and remembers that today is a picnic day. After the late night arrival on Saturday night due to the School function, its going to be hectic for Hubby dear as he has office on Monday,but, a promise is a promise and readily 'we' started finishing morning chores by Pihu and Anindy getting ready, their father going to fetch milk and me doing sweeping, mopping, making breakfast and packing stuff.
Once at the resort, we swam and played tennis.The kids danced and sang on an empty stage to the wild audience of plants and birds ,I finished last pages of 'The House Of Mirth' ,had a simple lunch of daal and chapaatis and were done for the day. The night was booked for 'DHOOM 3' with a light dinner and at 10:00 PM we called it a night.
In this day, all moments were sunny and joyful .Still the memory which is going to linger  is of Pihu's Nail paint! Her teacher had applied a bright green shade on her nails for the Annual Day. It made her look like a mermaid when she moved her tiny fingers and toes inside the pool water. The colour seems to change with the play of sunshine and water on it. She IS a nymph and looked like one with such sea-green colour on her fingers and toes. Ethereal !

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