Lungis from Punjab

'Disco mein jab ye gaana bajega, On the floor tumko aana padega........' because 'THALAIVAR' is coming ....

This Chennai express song is now a national favourite for all types of dance parties be it Marriages or Dashtoons, Mundans or Parojans , Engagements or Birthdays... you have the DJ you gotta play this song.

The-a-mad/tehmad  in Urdu-Hindi region , Dhoti in Northern regions,mundu in Kerela , Veshti in Tamilnadu and Karnataka , and Sarong as its western version ...
' Lungi' of the lungi dance is nothing but roughly ,a single bed sheet wrapped around the lower part of the body by men.

When it comes till toes, it is called all the above names but it becomes 'The Lungi' the moment it is folded and made shorter for convenience and is emblazoned with bold checks and bright colours! It is a piece of men's attire in southern India and seems to suddenly grasp the attention of the whole nation! From the bylanes of Benares to the dunes of Rajasthan and amidst the conch sounds of Bengali Pandaals to the lush valleys of Kashmir ... Its Lungi dance - a tribute to 'The Boss ' everywhere. And no prize for guessing the 'Boss' . I don't even need to name him. Do I?

But the co-incidence is, that despite being the men's outfit in southern India and movies there was no song for this praise of this piece of clothing! And it took a hard core Punjabi (Yo Yo Honey Singh)  to pen down, compose and sing a song for such a Southern thing and a pucca Dilli -wala guy along with a girl of Konkani origin brought up in Bangalore to dance on it ! whew!    
Only if you are an Indian will you be able to appreciate the implications and admire the regional diversity resulting into this unique unity. Loud , flaunting Punjabis and conventional , intellectually proud ,shy southies just don't go hand-in -hands most of the times. And who is dancing?  Have a look- the Marwaris, Gujratis, Bengalis, the North-Eastarns and Kashmiris! 
And the news channel still blaring about regional differences!  Seems its not so any more. After all from Kashmir to Kanyakumari India is one.... tied together by the humble Lungi(Dance) ! HA!

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