Murder Is Easy : Book Review

Book : Murder is easy
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre` : Crime Fiction
My Ratings : 4.9/5

The Queen of Crime strike once again and the shot is- Purrr...fect ala Madhuri Dixit Nene style in a reality show.
The book has become one of my all time favourite Christie books.
Retired middle aged  Colonel Luke Fitzwilliam returns home to England after a long stint in Tropics and is quite clueless about his future profession. In between his musings and the Derby race results he, missed his train and have to board the London train where he met the co passenger spinster Lavinia Pinkerton .
Later, Luke was extremely ruffled by the fact that Ms Lavinia had died on the same day in a car accident. The lady had shared with him some of her doubts about having a killer in her village Wychwood-under-Ashe. 
Luke got the feeling that the old Dame was right and her accident was just another murder in disguise.He reached Wychwood .The picturesque, quaint hamlet is beautiful and the  quietude and scenic beauty of the place takes him in to a surreal book like world and he finds it hard to believe that a murderer is lurking behind this pure environment. 
After meeting Bridget, Ellesworthy, Dr. Thomas and many more he notices the menace in the air and finally solves the chilling mystery with not that much ease with what it was woven by the murderer.
 Excellent . The story, the setting and the characters are simple country folks with a dream like existence which make the concept of so many murders downright chilly. It scores 4.9/5 on my ratings as its perfect
CHARACTERS - which Ms Christie had constructed are remarkable. They are pretty normal village folks living honestly, working hard and enjoying the solitude and quietude of the place they live in.Almost every character at one or other point tells about how he/she finds it pleasant to live here. And with every declaration there lurks the doubt of a sinister motive in their liking the place.
This idea of creating purity and then by a psychological approach nailing in reader's mind,the doubt and fear for all except the culprit is tried by many but achieved by few. Here its achieved effortlessly.

1)   Its an ideal book on how to introduce beautiful heroines in a story without actually describing her beauty and giving it away on the first page that she is beyond doubt.
2)   Like many others by Agatha Christie, this one also tells about how not to waste precious space, words and ink in wording the emotions between hero and heroine.
Thus avoiding their  relation sounding artificial, forced and clichéd.
Par Excellence with herself. AH! An Experience.


  1. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, Kokila :)
    Agatha Christie mysteries are the best.. Sometimes even the BBC adaptation of these stories also fail to math-up her storytelling skills...

  2. Hello Raji , To visit your blog is always a pleasure :)with beautiful clear images and informative posts :) Happy blogging . Love Kokila.

  3. Sorry Raji, I forgot to say that thanks for surviving such a long prosaic post ! I am working on being shorter and I adore Agatha Christie but have yet to see the BBC adaptations.... Love Kokila :)

    1. Thank you Kokila,
      The pleasure is all mine :) You have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading your updates and reviews, esp on classics. Your posts remind me of my childhood, when I used to read books daily.
      Do watch the BBC adaptations (Poirot, Miss Marple, Pride and Prejudice (1995), North and South) if time permits :) They are really good.
      Happy blogging :)

    2. Hey Raji....... again sorry for the late reply. I am always glad to find someone who love reading and its even better that you enjoy the TV the adaptations.... sadly, I am yet not able to watch any such as I was told that BBC news I can have but not the BBC Entertainment ...So don;t know how it will happen ? If there are some DVDs for such adaptations in Indian Market ...let me know please. Thanks dear ...Kokila :)

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