The Tourist : Review

 The Tourist is a 2010 movie presented as romantic comedy thriller co-written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. It is based on the screenplay for 2005 thriller Anthony Zimmer a French movie with the same theme.

The movie is about a highly intelligent criminal who has stolen from a Nasty British Gangster who is helped by Russian goons, a huge amount while working as his Private banker and is now pursued by international police and the Russian mafia. The criminal's extensive plastic surgery makes him unrecognisable, even to his girlfriend, who enlists the help of an unsuspecting stranger on a train ... and the rest is -- The Movie.

The movie looks fabulous with an exceptional star cast and settings in alleys of Paris and canals of Venice. The scenery is  superb through out and the concept is great but something amiss Mostly the chemistry between Jolie and Depp which as damp as the Venice canal stones.
Both are good as individual characters Jolie as femme Fatale and Depp as a Wisconsin Math teacher who has a droll expression on face and looks and behaves like a moron. Together they are disastrous. Angelina moves like a nicely decorated and well oiled Barbie with oozing sex appeal while Depp is totally un-appealing in his weird Hair-do.( He was better in Edward Scissorhands.)
At two points I found it unbelievable one when Jolie picked him up for a lift in the motorboat and second when she checked-in Hotel Danieli and gave Depp as her husband with him looking humbly as a puppy and not asking for explanation , even when alone with her inside the suite.

 Angelina had a jammed facial expression of haughty half smile on her BIG lips and a glazed expression in her eyes even in the motor chase sequence amidst ricocheting bullets and shattering glass .
Depp had this pathetic expression of expressionlessness which breaks only when he was with the Scotland Yard watching the final scene unfolds through their cameras. There his expression changed for the first time and .... gave away  the surprise ending.
So no surprises fro me to guess what's in store.

Verdict : Time pass watchable OR for Die Hard fans of Jolie and Depp.


  1. It certainly looks good but maybe I will just read a book. The older I get the less time I have for movies that are less than fantastic.

    1. Hmm. By getting older we become wiser, richer in experience turn, less obliging to term anything as 'excellent' .Though certainly we gain patience enough not to thrash the 'creation' altogether. So, I agree with you :)


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