Friday, February 28, 2014

Balto by Natalie Standiford : A True Story

IndiBlogger Badge'Balto' is a true story about a brave dog in fact - The bravest Dog in Alaska !
Balto and his master Gunnar lived in Nome, Alaska- a frontier town which is buried under snow for most of the year. Balto was the cleverest and the strongest sled dog .

When there was a possible outbreak of Diptheria in that quaint town, the medicines were far away in Anchorage, Alaska and the train was stuck in deep snow 700 miles away from Nome....

The Train IS Stuck!!
At that time a plan to take help from the dog teams was the only option.
Team Balto had to pass the medicine chest from Point Bluff to Point Safety, a 31 mile distance but due to blizzard and impossible weather conditions they had to travel further from Point Saftey to Point Nome too- a very long and tiring stretch!
Balto and Gunnar MUST help.
So Balto and Gunnar together accomplished the amazing journey of 53 miles in a record time through blizzard, snowdrifts and cracking ice over frozen rivers to save the ailing children and prevented the outbreak of Diptheria in Nome.
Balto was too tired to Bark!
The hero of the journey was Balto as Gunnar lost the route midway and it was solely because of the dog's ability to find the trail that they reached Nome in time.

And now, there is a statue of Balto standing in the Central park of New York as he is cheered by all America.... The Bravest Dog Ever.

The book is a Must Read. Its inspiring and tailored for young readers with impressionable minds. It tells the heroics of Balto in a simple manner and ends with an incredible image of children hugging the statue of Balto in New York. 

No children's book is complete without images and Donald Cook did an incredible job by beautifully illustrating the frozen landscapes and bringing out the chill of Alaska as well as in portraying Balto and Gunner's tough and steel willed looks.
Enjoyable and Inspiring.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Looks great! Pretty interesting :)

    1. Hey Anita , you are so welcome! It is definitely good and the pleasure is all mine in sharing :) Thanks for stopping by dear.

  2. I suddenly wished to be a child again. :)

    1. Same here Indrani! Its more fun and easy to follow your ideals and conscience in that age...sigh.

  3. I find children books more entertaining than adults....Thanks for sharing.. :-)

  4. Welcome Maniparna, I agree with you as these have real and intrinsic moral values rather then showy mannerisms. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  5. Ah those big books with drawings. I miss them.

    1. Just pay a visit and you can read them to your heart's content :)


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