Now and Then

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NOW <3
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And THEN :)
A week back my cousin sister got married and today I saw the engagement pics of her. She is the one who  had formed the eager audience to my stories, anecdotes and who had slept to my lullabies.We are around seven years apart so when she heard to me its a toddler listening to a child. but, loyal and loving, she never questioned my authority or judgement. Later in our grown up years, we were more like friends but with her around I was always Didi, the elder the respect and 'nahi Didi, first you' sentiment was always there.

To see her bejewelled, all decked up in finery, glittering from head to toe is though a dream come true yet can't help thinking about those days when in a blue pinafore she'd run straight into my lap.

When in disagreement with my other younger cousins she would threaten them as 'Main didi ki beti hoon bas kyonki main ne sabzi khaayi hai." (Didi will take me as her daughter and not you as you have not finished your vegetables!)  She was 5 and I barely12 at that time and was pleased to mother her and the others!

Bless you little sister with all the happiness in the world. Feeling happy.A Happy Day. #25

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