The four generations

I found happiness today in going through family albums and am posting these images of four generations of females the family :
 My Nani or grandmother, Mother, me and my daughter.Happy Day

Friends and relatives  say that I resemble more to my grand mom then my mother something which I never felt before.But now after so many years when I am almost the same age in fact older then her in the picture, there seems a resemblance!She was barely 17 at that time  when this picture was clicked  and I am deliberately posting  images in saris except of my daughter's who is too young for a sari. While still on saris , the one which mum is wearing is embroidered by her!                                                                                                                                               My parents in Haridwar.

PS . Happy Day indeed as I've updated my system software and now pics can be updated on my blog.No more cut-copy-paste :).#27


  1. Hello Kokila, your Nani is beautiful and so are you, and yes; you do look like her. Happy Day! Barbara

    1. So nice of you dear to compliment seems you have complimented me ;) Love , Kokila


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