I with my Mum and both the kids went for Lalbagh. Lush greenery, calm and freedom always welcomes us as expected.Kids have brought their sketching books, a version of beach ball and water bottles.I was heaped with mats and fluff blankets for Mum (it gets cold there under the thick canopy of trees)The picnic went nicely.
On returning,at my leisure in night when I was checking the pics, I found this image of Pihu clicked and then edited by her dada.I was touched as I know how hard it is to cajole the STUBBORN  Pihu to pose for a snap. She is too lazy to turn the head and move her lips in a smile and here she is with tilted head,a genuine smile and is even holding the edge of her swaying skirt ! The simple image now held a deeper meaning to me ... comforting me of their natural bonding.It was a hectic n fulfilling day. Now its a Happy Day! #28

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