The Growing up

"Mom, Mom, come fast.... " There was urgency in Anindy's voice but it definitely and thankfully lacked the panicked under notes,so its not a bruise or a breakage of home items OR Anindy himself .... it ought to be something urgent in a non dangerous way.While running from kitchen towards him in the outer foyer, all this information my mind analysed in the 100th part of the teeny second.It had told me to be relaxed and calm.
It was right.
The summon was for an incident he saw... that a pigeon sat on an empty nest and then flap her way to the adjacent beam and miraculously, two eggs appear there! Magical!! He was excited as he feels he 'saw' her laying eggs ! Pihu, his younger sister,is cool... as if she had midwifed in many egg- laying.

She wisely commented "Ais ehi hota hai.. Muumy hi baby ko paida karti hai..Papa khana late hai " (Its common, the mother gives birth to babies and the father had to bring food for them).I decided to keep mum till they ask.Both were glued to the nest, so near to our foyer.The mother flew back and sat on the eggs. Pihu shrieked,"She is killing them ".
"Now is the time to intervene' I thought and told about incubation.
They were interested and listened intently.Soon, the darkness descends and we moved back.late at night, they told their father about it and all three now armed with a torch light again had a look.Some how this all made it a Happy Day.#30

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