The Jade lanterns

We spotted this amazing bunch of leaves hanging from the iron mesh roof of the famous Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Lalbagh is full of such surprises.Many such beauties emerge from unexpected nooks and corners and mesmerize you, gladdening your heart .

This particular creation I saw for the first time and considering there was no name plate to indicate its botanical name ,I guess it must be pretty common out here in Bangalore woods.I am ashamed as I don't have the slightest cue what it is except its not a flower!! But its BEeeeeutiful .... and there were hordes and hordes of such green lanterns hanging.The meshed roof was completely covered by the crisscross branches of Bougainvillea and other flowering shrubs cum climbers and from that web of colour these beauties were hanging down... Like the jade lanterns swaying in welcome for a Chinese emperor.....    A Happy Day #31

Jade Lanterns 

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