The Little Reader

Few images have this ascendancy over me as this one .Though a simple one it is poignant and it speaks volumes to me ....about childhood, its dreams and aspirations, imagination and the insatiable quench for knowledge...the love for reading, the immersion and absorption in the task,the detachment towards the surroundings adding more to the charm , the beautiful pink glow on child's fair, unblemished countenance may be, due to the joy of reading a book and that peculiar expression stuck in the involuntary parting of her lips! 
Sitting in a place which seems like kitchen area to me with a cupboard and pots in the far dim corner and the innovatively designed  round table (most peculiar!) with bolts to turn the half side down and vice versa !!
Engrossed and Blissful she is. And to see her IS happiness to me. 

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