The Girl with the Conch

I accidentally stumbled on this image while following one link after another and was dumbstruck.Its one of those images which I used to see everywhere in my childhood,with which I grew up.
At that time in the 90's it was very popular on greeting cards, posters, as gilt edged paintings and photo-frames.One of my friend used to have a letter pad with this baby girl on it.All pale and dim, in the background.My friend never wrote a single letter on that sheet! That much was the frenzy regarding this image.At least in our group.After so many years,like many other things, it too had slipped from my mind but when I saw it, memories came flooding back.As if this was the only piece missing from my existence! 
But yes, it does mean a lot to me.
this little girl with her pale hair swaying in the wind conspicuous in her red sweater (The sweater I had seen as a brown version also) playing in water ........... the ripples in the water suggesting vastness... and the conch shell suggesting a beach.Perhaps.

Thanks ti Internet,I know now that this image is an Oil Painting by Donald Zolan. Thanks to him for creating this wonderful image.                                  Lost in memories... 
                                        A Happy day #34

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