Librarian in Stitches !

I don't remember from which site I got this image saved in my computer hard disk but it is there from weeks I am unable to part myself from it AND I am not a Librarian. 
It is the infatuation with books which made me envious of Librarians.Be it that mystic aura of  books stacked in rows after rows,the long gleaming tables,the filtering sunlight lighting up the awe inspiring floor patterns in a plush up-city library or the four roomed shack with books piled up high up to the ceiling and dust particles dancing in the incoming sunlight and colourful mats and rugs for seating ....they all have their own charm and aura.
This design whoever had done it is -marvellous! Needle and books. Embroidery and words.
A cerebro-lethal combination and surely a happy one.
                                            A happy day. #35


  1. What a beautiful image, I can see why you saved it.

    1. So glad you found it nice! Thanks a lot for your comments.They mean a lot to me :) Love, Kokila


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