Jiyo jiyo jiyo mere Baingan Raja! -- "Condition serious hai"

Long Live The Brinjal KING:5-star magic
Saira is upset.She had got a nasty fracture in her right leg and is bedridden for weeks perhaps months !! "Aww... " she moaned inwardly. "What the fish! To get your leg broken prior to the college trip! What's worse luck than this for a 16 year old?" She sighed.

And ALL her friends were going, except she.. lying like a rag doll in this hospital with bald docs and busy nurses buzzing here and there like Busy-Bumble-Bees.
Specially nurse Capsicum. Saira didn't know her name but the body sahpe with a greenish ghoulish look of her skin made her think of her as a capsicum !
 "Nurse capsicum needs some beetroot juice to get some colour "she guffawed inwardly.
Bedridden state has spurred her creative juices, she thought!

Suddenly the door opened and nurse Capsicum entered with another nurse Nithya ."My God!" wondered Saira, "Another vegetable?" The new nurse looked like a shrivelled Lady finger, reed thin, gaunt, complete with a triangular cap and the light shade of her uniform like the colour of dry henna just added to the imagery!

 Nithya was not old, just stale...and the nasal voice ..." AWESOME !" thought Saira, "to have my own botanical garden here tending me" ...she felt like the kids who went in the vegetable's world in a popular DoorDarshan Serial when Saira was young.

The door opened once again and her two younger sisters entered. Saira beamed at them.They had brought books,fruits and a Cadbury's 5star  for her.But Saira did not need books now. She grabbed the 5 star and opened it slowly. She was smiling .Uzma, the thirteen years old and elder by five years to Najma, asked "why are you smiling Baaji? "
Najma whispered "May be the impact of the accident had affected Baaji's mind "
Saira lost in her imagination, laughed on hearing the concern and pulled Najma near her. She looked terrified which further provoked Saira's  laughter,unable to explain she giggled hard, equally unable to control!

Najma pulled away her hand from Saira's grip and hid behind Uzma. By now, Uzma was also concerned but being the elder of the two she ventured forth slowly and asked "Kya hua Baaji?"(What happened ?)

Saira somehow controlled herself and between hiccups of laughter she told about Nurse Capsicum and Lady's finger when suddenly (again) the door opened and in came the owner of the hospital Dr. Satish .. and Saira went blank.Her face showing shock and she muttered 'Baingan Raja'.

 Dr. Satish was so dark that he had a purple shine on his face ! His eyes were beady and  he had a thin pony-tail dangling limply over his Doctor's Coat.The shiny hair coiled together like a wiry tail, the BIG rotund paunch covered in lavender shirt,the deep purple skin and the bemused patronizing expressions on his face made him look like the 'Baingan raja' or the Brinjal King straight from the DoorDarshan Serial.The fact that he is the owner of the hospital only enhanced the similarity !

Hearing the term even Uzma and Najma had to put their dupattas in their mouth to stifle the laughter...but it erupted! Like a water stream cascading down on stones,  it flew from the hearts of the three sisters and filled the room.The doctor was alarmed but beat a hasty retreat may be to come back later with Capsicum,Lady's Finger and other seasonal vegetation. But the three sisters laughed their hearts out in mirth while sharing the Cadbury's 5-star to add sweetness into their spicy imagination.

Seriousness is a disease which saps out the positive energy and life spirit from a person. The only way to eradicate it is by laughing on life's little ironies and accepting wholeheartedly what is bestowed on us.Life is too short to be marred by unanticipated incidents and mishaps.Yup , "Condition Serious hai" but a Cadbury's 5-star is always a bite away to disperse the seriousness into thin air!A serious hilarity with a bite of Cadbury's 5-star will help remove it from he face of the earth!  So,don't 'bear' with life but give it a BIG 'Bear' hug...come what may. Just like Saira and her sisters :D

Above story is written as a response to the contest “Condition Serious Hai” by IndiBlogger.in in coordination with Cadbury’s 5 Star. 


  1. Very well written Kokila..All the best for the contest dear :-)

    1. Thanks a MILLION dearest nagini... Being the first entry in a contest I am nervous(Laughing )and will you believe it that how special you have become by wishing me today! As if its the IIT result :D Thanks,Thanks :) Love, Kokila

  2. PS... On second thoughts I should have changed the Title from 'Jiyo jiyo...' to 'Long Live the Brinjal King' Awww...... as my mum would have said -- isne pichli roti khayi hai! GRRRR.'

  3. Beautifully written, thank you for making me laugh! I hope you do really well in the contest. Barbara xx

    1. Thanks :) I am really glad you liked it ! Again Thanks for your wishes :) Kokila.

  4. Now that was a witty feel good post.:)
    Great take on the prompt.
    Very creative and very well put. :D
    All the best for the contest.

    1. Thanks Nikhil for the complimentary words
      You sure have a flair for impromptu verse
      And as for the contest I am not so sure :o
      Coz I forgot to submit it for Indivine score :(
      Still I am glad YOU liked the post
      Survived,commented ,wished ...so now u R a Pucca dost :D

  5. Ha ha ha... I could imagine the botanical garden.. great read!

    1. To have such a botanical garden is.... well amusing! Thanks dear for commenting.Keep coming :)


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