Petals in her hands

This sketch I drew as a teenager when the movie '1942-A Love Story' was released .I was much enamoured by the pristine beauty and the natural grace of the heroine- Manisha Koirala and just as Jaaved Akhtar saa'b payed an ode to her ethereal  beauty in 'ek ladki ko dekha....' I too made this sketch of hers  with petals (instead of water) in her hands....lips parted and hair falling on her shoulders like monsoon clouds... It was bliss to watch her, to draw her (with many shortcomings) and now to see it again and again.

                                                               Happy Day # 44


  1. Wow beautiful sketch Kokila..:-) Manisha :-)

    1. Thanks Nagini.... Tried to draw her.She was so ethereal in that song !
      Love, Kokila

  2. That is such a wonderful art work!
    Great talent.

  3. Thanks Indrani, coming from you its have an eye for detail n beauty as obvious in your pics.... love for visiting n commenting , Kokila


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